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Default best type of bcd for u/w photography

My boyfriend and I are new to u/w photography and wondered if someone could advise us on what type of bcd (wraparound bladder, back bladder, or the new hybrid wraparound/back bladder ) is the best for buoyancy control and body control in order to take photos? Also, if anybody has any specific manufacturer recommendations on a woman's and a man's bcd we would really appreciate it.

We thank those of you who know what your doing in advance for sharing information on this topic with two novices.
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Default http://scubadiving.com/gear/

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Default Scuba Pro Classic

Having used several types of BCs over the years, I have found the Scuba Pro Classic to be excellent for photography. Nothing else allows you to move to any position, from any other position, without air trapping. The weight integrated design and the trim pockets allow me to fine-tune my weighting so I can hover in any position. Very important when trying to take a shot without touching the surrounding reef.

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Default Have to chime in for BP and wings.....

No other BC has been as stable and easy to maintain a horizontal trim for me, necessary to hold there in one spotand get that great shot.

Alslo allows any other position to be held without air trapping or moving around, vertical, horizontal, at an angle.

Plus, nothing in front to impede arm movement

Just my .02
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Default Cathy Church bc recommendations???

Thanks for the info/advice so far, it's been very helpful.

In addition, maybe this Cathy Church excerpt will further elaborate on what advice/recommendations on bc style/brand we are hoping to get from you experienced u/w photographers. We do understand that first and foremost we have to get our buoyancy down but we hope to start out in a bc that once we have our buoyancy down, it will allow us the greatest opportunity to have the precision and stability to be in the "variety of positions" you need to be in to get the shot you "want". We will be diving both cold water (dry suit) Puget Sound and in nearby warm water Hawaii.

Here's the Cathy Church quote on bcs:

"BCs with the air just on the back also aggravate movement. For example, suppose you are holding level and the air in the BC is in the middle, at the top (of course) and then you need to roll just a little to the side for the best camera position. Suddenly all of the air moves to the left wing of the BC. Because it is several inches from your body, it has more leverage than air that is held close to the body in a full jacket or wrap around BC. This extra leverage is translated into instability while you are trying to hold a camera within an eighth of an inch of that Christmas tree worm.

Every time I take a student who is struggling in the water with an "Angel Wing" BC, and lend them one of my SeaQuest Spectrum BCs, they improve dramatically and quickly. None of them really knew that they were having a problem until I watched them in the water. All of them felt the difference and switched BCs."

We appreciate any comments on this and any more bc recommendations.
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