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I have a new a620 and am looking for a housing. Is the Ikelite really worth the money vs the canon housing? Also, do I really need the external strobe?

Any help would be appreciated!
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I think there are pros and cons and it depends on what are priorities to you.

The Canon housing is smaller lighter and cheaper. It will work well and may meet your needs for years.

The Ikelite housing has the option to attach supplementary lenses, which is very important if you get serious about underwater photography. The Camera probably does macro well enough but for wreck, diver or reef shots you need wide angle to get the best shots.

The best underwater photographs are taken from very close up, that way there's less water between the camera and the subject. For this reason most underwater photography is macro or wide angle.

You will get far better results if you use an external strobe. The diffusers will help with the internal strobe but the major problems are power and backscatter.

An external strobe will have more power than the internal strobe so will light the subject better particular large otr more distant subjects.

The other thing is backscatter. Regardless of how good the vis is there is always a quantity of particulate matter suspended in the water. The internal flash will light this and because the flash is close to the lens the light from the suspended matter will bounce straight back into the lens. An external strobe can be placed away from the lens and can be directed onto the subject from an angle. This way the particulate matter will be less visible in the picture.


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Thank you!!!!! Hopefully I will get some decent pictures!
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I have been using the Canon housings for years (3 different cameras and housings over the years) with only a problem once. You can access all functions. I think the external flash is a requirement as I have tried it both ways. There areSea &Sea flashes that use fiber optics for the flash. The YS-110 is the one I want and have watched work well. I have the less powerful YS-25 and it works well but its not enough in many situations both in angle and power.

Generally, people love the pics I take with this setup. As with all photos, I find I really like far less than 1/2 of them but you can take a lot of photos per dive.
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