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Greg Chappell Apr 5, 2004 11:22 PM

EWA-Marine Question
My new EWA-Marine bag for my Powershot G5 arrived today. I see the bag comes fitted with a black tube fitted in the nose. The tube isn't attached to the nose and, when I mount the camera in the bag, it seems to not want to stay in place. Can anyone who's used this type bag tell me if this tube is supposed to stay in the bag when used in the water, or is it supposed to be taken out? Seems like if I took it out and went into the water the nose might collapse in on the lens and not let it extend out as far as it's supposed to. This is a new learning experience. I tested the bag in a full tub. It passed the test with flying colors but it still was hard mounting the camera and giving it a good dunk. I know I need to get over that before jumping into the Carribean with it!

NHL Apr 6, 2004 10:27 AM

I have two EWA bag. One for my D7 and the other one for my 990: The one for the 990 came with a black foam wedge, to keep the bag from collapsing when you go a litlle deeper... a bath tub is still atmospheric. :wink:

roy123 Mar 21, 2006 4:30 PM

i bought one several years ago to use with a Canon A40 just to use for fishing from my Kayak (everything gets wet)...i tried it at home a couple of times and it was a hassle for the same reason you listed...needless to say, i RMA'd it for a full refund and bought an inexoensive 1.1mp Samsung just for fishing...but then again i wasn't going to use mine underwater either...

i just realizd this thread is a year old...sorry bout that...

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