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Gee Laz, I never tested it. As I've said before, I always err on the side of caution, and change batteries for every dive.

If I didn't, it would be my luck to swim up on a dolphin doing loop-de-loops around a whale shark just as my batteries died.

I've always used 1600mAh NiMh, but will step up to 1800's for my first trip with the E20. (Finally booked one today... 31 days and counting! ) I keep hearing rumors about 2000's, but I haven't seen them anywhere.

While on dry land, and using the internal flash, I know I get in excess of 150 shots on a set.

Can't wait to hear more about the 4000. I might reconsider selling the Tetra!

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Originally posted by Laz217
Just got the Olympus 4000... I'm not writing a review until I'm done learning all the new features but so far I am very impressed. One big shocker for a lot of people is that the top LCD is bye-bye. Super Macro kicks butt, the histogram on both live shots and while reviewing your shots is excellent and gone will be the days of not knowing whether your subject is in focus--it's got up to 4X zoom on preview now. More to come...soon... I promise.

BTW Crazy Uncle... Out of curiosity. How long do the batteries on your camera last you since you don't have to use the internal flash? What Mah rating are they?
I also just got my 4000 and my PT-010 housing showed up today. Now if I could just read Japanse...

I have a friend with a PT-007 and I downloaded the instructions from Mar Scuba. Should be no problem.

Since this is my first Oly, I don't have any idea how the top LCD would help. Underwater, I think it would be more of a problem than a help. Still learning about features. In a week and a half, I'll get it wet for real. Bathtub leak test tomorrow (empty). Pool practice this weekend.

I'm overly excited about my new toy.
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