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Good day

I am using photo impressions 5.x (arcsoft) so I can add descriptions and keywords (as details) to digital imagesso I might be able to do a search later for specific photos.

I have processed 3 out of several dozens of directories of small jpeg files and this method seems to work. When I open photo impressions, I can see the directory tree where my image folders are stored and if I look at the contents of a processed directory (use the details tab) then my descriptions are there. I can search by keyword and have all the files with animals come up as an example.

Now, if I want to back up this description file for some reason (computer crash, replacing hard drives...) I need to know where it is. I would hate to take the weeks if not months it will take me to type in all the keywords and comments all over again.

Photoimpressions does not seem to save the comments or descriptions in with the images, nor can I figure out where it does save this data. It probably saves it along with thumbnails of the images I am keywording (if it does in fact make thumbnail files).

Does anyone of the group here know where this data is stored on my system? Any hints or ideas?


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I haven't used Photo Impressions but it sound to me like what you are doing is adding metadata to the file. If this is the case, then the file itself holds the information you are adding so there is no single data file.

You could try to open a file into another program that reads metadata like Adobe Bridge or any other.

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