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As many of you know, I create presentation slideshows using PicturesToExe which just today released the latest version 5.6. One of the great features of PicturesToExe is that it can output your slideshow as HD Videos in the MP4 h.264 container. MP4, as opposed to Flash can not only produce high quality output for still images, but also can give your presentations really great smooth transitions. Flash falls short when it comes to anything but still images, especially at higher resolutions. MP4 is definitely superior in this respect but there has been a problem with finding a delivery solution. As many of you know, Flash FLV allows preload (buffering) and streaming (progressive) of your video content so that the viewers who access your site don't need to wait for the entire video to download to begin play. Until now I've not found a product which can stream MP4 h.264 but I discovered this little player which does it all. It streams, MP4 h.264, Flash FLV and MOV formats and does much, much more. Here's a link for those interested in checking out the Transparent Player:

I was recently looking for a way to display my HD presentation slideshows on my website for cross-platform (Mac and PC) compatibility which was not Flash FLV. I use Flash, but the new MP4 container produces much better quality HD video content with smoother transitions, etc.

I've been using On2 Technologies Flix Pro to produce Flash FLV but my presentation slideshow software can output HD quality MP4's. The problem has been finding a player compatible with streaming MP4 h.264 which allows some versatility in display modes, etc.

I found this site and a new product called Transparent Player which has what I believe are really great features. Definitely worth checking out if you want to stream your own MP4 videos from your own website:


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