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Default Album / gallery creators?

So I just went to my college reunion, took a bunch of photos, and needed a gallery creator to post them.

After hunting around some I tried ImageWalker, and I'm pretty pleased with it. It's a fundamentally well-thought out program: reasonably easy to use, fast, and with a good selection of all-around tools. What I like is that it can be used for a wide range of image-related needs.

1. It can be used for general image management, to sort photos, weed out files, and generate thumbnails.

2. But it's also a good gallery / album tool, because it includes a well-rounded set of basic tools. For example, it's not the best image editor, but it has all the basics built in (crop, rotate, adjust color, contrast, brightness ...) to make it a good all-in-one tool to put together an album.

- The batch re-size wizard works well, though I can't say I've carefully evaluated the jpeg output.

- The web page creator is easy to use (if you are OK with one of the standard templates). You can also edit templates to get control, though that takes some knowledge of html or a good editing program.

It's easy to batch resize photos, sort them into folders, and generate the web pages quickly.

When you're managing images, it doesn't save the thumbnails unless you tell it to, which I actually like since my hard drive is always overflowing with photos. You can save them if you want, or generate them on the fly if you prefer (it's pretty fast). Also, you can save them on your drive or in one location to save CD swapping. (Obviously it does save the thumbs in the web page it creates.)

It's still a bit of a work in progress (it's shareware), but there's a good foundation to build on.

CAVEAT: I would NOT use it as a primary image editor to edit original images at this point, as it overcompresses inadvertently at times. That is, DON'T EVER SAVE OVER THE ORIGINALS (not that you would want to in most cases). But for on-screen galleries, obviously it's not high-res stuff.

However, you can set it to open your image editor when you double-click an image, which is workable. A future release promises lossless transformations.

I prefer the web gallery format, as it can be posted online or put on CD, and of course anyone can open the files with a browser.

SO .... what other tools have folks found useful for generating web-page galleries or albums? Does anyone use Albumatic, Album Generator, MyAlbum, Web Gallery Creator or Express Thumbnail? On the Mac, how about iPhoto?

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I do two different things...

First, photoshop has a web gallery batch export command. It will take a source directory an create the web pages, thumbs, and final images (you can specify resolution, compression, etc). I use this for quick and dirty galleries.

The other thing I do...I manually create my thumbs and pictures, and I wrote a bit of php code to generate a gallery on the fly. I define the gallery using a text file and put the php code into whatever webpage I want it in. It supports titling the images, opening the full image in a separate window, and pagination (next/previous). It's very simple, but gives me the flexibility to define the gallery look very easily. It's very much a work in progress and I add features as I need them.
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look at http://www.photocleaner.com/photoalbum.html
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Hi Matt

I am doing much the same. Working on my own album... I dont like the results of thumbnails by script so I make the thumbs myself. Uplaod pic and thumbs and enter an album name.

the scripts do the rest.. Grabs all picture info including the EXIF (Metadata) adds counters to each picture.. does a top ten for all albums

I made an editor so i could add descriptions for each picture and keywords so the albums could be searched.

Needs more work but as you say. you get more comntrol making your own. Mines on site in the sig
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Default Digital Photo Utilities

Disclaimer: I have a vested interest in this, so I won't claim to be without bias, however, you should check out Digital Photo Utilities from Pixlabs.

It's a set of Drag and Drop utilities for managing your images. It will create web galleries with a simple drag and drop. Drag a folder of images on it and it resizes the main images, creates the thumbnails, optionally adds a visible watermark, and creates a gallery page and one or more web pages per image. It gives you several web styles to choose from. The output is a complete website that can be viewed locally or posted on a web server. Of course, advanced users can create their own styles. You can enter in titles and descriptions for each image, and/or you can have it use the EXIF metadata already in the image. The batch nature of it is really nice for avoiding problems (as you described) where one can accidentally write over the original.
There are other utilities that help you to organize the images, add captions, edit the metadata, email images etc. Itís all based on simple drag and drop batch processing, so it really helps for repetitive tasks like putting together websites.

Give it a try at http://www.pixlabs.com

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Shame it doesnt have the counters.

Thats why we are advocating making our own.. For me its important to know how many poeple view a picture then I can see whats more populor. I even ahve TOP TEN for each album.

For example I take sports shots and as anyone can see the most populor pictures are of the crowds.

I will be adding a comments section next so people can leave comments to each picture.

A web developed album offers more user interactive options than one you make offline and uplaod IMHO
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This one seems pretty good. I think the link is http://www.firmtools.com/products/albumcreator/
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The best Album software to post images online is http://www.sendpix.com/

It is free to use ( there is a catch ) you have to have ACDSee to submit images to it ....


ACDSee has a free trial ... so I guess its free to submit to, but you would have to buy ACDSee if you had to submit after the trial

http://www.acdsystems.com/English/pr...CDSee-Download this is the ACDSee download link...
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I use Jalbum, it is free , comes with several sample site skins and a guide for writing your own skins. It can auto-generate entire image directory structures into pages, and can auto transfer/update to your image websites.

The creator program works on any platform that can run Java, Only thing is you need to have a current Java on your PC. The output is plain HTML, so supposedly viewable by any browser.

Link is

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You need a php enabled server. It's highly customizable and easy to customize....and it's free.
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