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Default Slideshow Software?

Can anyone out there suggest a good slideshow software program? I'd like to be able to add music, and maybe special effects (dissolves, fades, etc).Plus, I'd like to be able to create an executable file that will be a stand-alone, so I can burn it to a CD and have anyone play it. The file types I'll be using for the imagery will be .jpg. The music files most likely will be .mp3.

Thanks for the help,

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Its silly but I use Digital Video Software to create stuff then off it to CD with Nero...Kinda overkill but it works...its not so much of a slideshow...id say its a multimedia show...of sorts...Good Luck!
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Default A couple suggestions.....

There are two which immediately come to mind which will do exactly what you want to do IF you are using a PC and not a Mac...

URL's to reach the sites are below the descriptions:

1. PicturesToExe is an inexpensive but powerful program which allows you to create slideshows and incorporate MP3 or Wav files (suggest MP3 for background because of file size) and do voice overs, etc. Sound can sync to slideshow so sound starts with first slide and ends with last or you can stack multiple MP3 selections, etc. It creates a single executable file which encodes all images so that they are protected from theft.

You can have "Objects" within the show so the user can click on an icon and call an executable file or go to a website, etc. There is amazing versatility with this program and it's updated frequently. There is no filesize limitation on individual images and the entire executable can be up to 2 gigabytes, so could be burned on a DVD as well for gigantic shows. The slideshow can be automatic or manual and there are multiple options for preventing or allowing the user to print images or timed expiration, etc. Transitions are very smooth, but not fancy and text can be added to the slides, but no flying text or super gymnastic transitions. Support is excellent and there is a forum with myriad users to help you with any questions.


2. MediaShow ([email protected]) is a little more expensive ($49) and has an extremely slick professional transitions with flying text and gymnastic transitions (tumbling, spinning, breaking apart, drops, exploding, etc.) Since the program came from the video side, there are also video posibilities. There is limited support and files are limited to jpg format and either 640x480 or 800x600 size. The program will import and size the images automatically (doesn't affect the originals at all) and creates an executable file. Excellent program, but don't think there will be any upgrades to it in the future. This program also lets you have a single MP3 for sound, but even though you can't "stack" multiple MP3's you can get around this limitation with a simple free or inexpensive sound editor to "string" multiple MP3's into a single file.




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Check out Digital Photo Slide Show. It's cheap, and it meets all my needs. You simply copy your photos to CD, and transfer to the CD the slideshow program, configured how you want it for AutoPlay. I haven't tried adding music, but it plays .wav files with each pic, and the author frequently updates the software based on input from users. In addition to making slideshows, it has a photo resize utility that I have found useful to reduce and compress an entire directory of pics for web posting.
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Lotus 7,
The mindless 1 step program to do it all at once is photo relay, it is part of Easy CD Creater 5.0 Platinum (also the retail version of 4.0 has), photo relay does not come with the bundled version. Watched a 6 year old master this in 5 min. About a 2 min process to do what you want.
good luck,
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Default Many Thanks

To TMOY, Lin, LG and Gary

Thank you for the valuable information.
All of your suggestions are a big help,
and I plan to look into them all.

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there is also "Kai's power show" distributed by scansoft.
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The slideshow with music (with options for timing the slides to music) is also possible in PowerPoint.

For many years I've put together about a 25-30 minute slide show for our senior class banquet a few days before graduation. It's relatively simple, with two projectors connected to dissolve unit with a cassette tape with both the soundtrack and sync cues which governed the projectors (hope this makes sense).

For reasons beyond this post, I made the jump to digital this year and agonized about what software to use. I didn't think PowerPoint would let me have different timings and a few of the segments need that. But it does -

Now, I'm not convinced that PowerPoint is the best application (God forbid I should sound like a Microsoft flak), and I can't address the executable burn to CD yet.

Next week I'm getting with our tech guy to explore particulars of the "Pack & Go" which is supposed to do what you described (I think, though I'm not perfectly clear - it may require the viewer to already have PowerPoint installed), but didn't when I tried it.

I had tried iMovie, but it limits pix to 640x480 and didn't seem to project as cleanly when I did a test section. I toyed briefly with Adobe Premiere, but don't know enough about video to navigate through the various choices.

I'd love to hear other ideas, applications, issues along these lines - and links/references that have been helpful.
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Another issue ..

How to make a slideshow that Macs can use? (from a PC)
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Or any others with suggestions about slide show software. Will Digital Photo Slide Show change the format of the individual pictures that are used?

I'd like to make slide shows that I will burn to a VCD that will play in a DVD (hooked to a TV) player, provided that it also reads video and audio CD's, as most do now. However, I'd also like for people that receive these VCD's to be able to use their computer & printer (without my software) or take the CD to the local digital processor and make prints if they choose.

The individual pictures within the slide show need to retain their jpg format and not be in a file that cannot be accessed without my particular software.

I'm not so interested at this time in adding music, just the frame format and starting this to run so that people at the next reunion or whatever can walk by and watch without having to figure out how to use the remote. If it would loop continuously that'd be a big plus.

Can I do this with the software you suggested?

One other thing. I use Nero with my burner. It appears that when I burn my pics there is a time to display each picture, but it is always set to *infinite*. Is there a way to make this 10-20 seconds -and- if I am able to set this parameter to a desired amount of time, once the play button is hit to display the first picture, when the time frame has lasped, will it go to the next picture -or- just back to the DVD startup menu? If it goes to the next frame, then I don't need anything else except the instructions on how to set the time frame. Or an alternate burning software suggestion that will.

I don't want a media show. I just would like to go from shot to shot without setting there pressing the play button, which is what I must do now.

Thanks ar

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