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Default Util for fast review of multiple shots, using tiling (burst)

Since getting my FZ10, I have become addicted to burst mode. The problem is, now I have SO many more photos to wade through (4-7 for every click of the shutter). In theory, I would
quickly eyeball the set, select the one I like, and discard the rest.

There are two problems. One, the software I have is somewhat slow to switch between pictures. The bigger problem, though, is that I would like to be able to look at the set side-by-side on my big monitor. So I would like software that lets me specify a number of pictures to show tiled (4, 6, etc), and then renders them very quickly, and also lets me flag the ones I like very quickly, and efficiently delete the rest.

The key here is FAST. Of course, thumbnails won't do, I am trying to make subtle distinctions beween shots, I need the full resolution. I have plenty of RAM to dedicate to the process. I would even be okay if I had to pre-select the photos, then wait a few minutes for a caching process to run.

I use PhotoTools iMatch for image categorization, and love it, but it is on the slow side. I am also a Photoshop newbie, but I don't think it has exactly this kind of feature.

Fotana (recently <a href="http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=22671">announced on this forum</a> almost seems to fit the bill. It is VERY fast. But it doesn't AUTOMATICALLY create the 4x, 6x, etc side-by-side views I crave.
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