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Default photos on homepage

help wanted: i'm making my 1st homepage and want a lot of photos on it of my holiday. But then it's much to big to upload it to the server. Can you help me? Don't know whick program I need or what size of photo's I much choose...
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Not sure what your question is, but here is what I think you are asking.

If you are asking about a program to resize a large picture, then depending on your Operating System, you can use something already there (Like Microsoft's photo editor in 2000 Professional) OR get a nice low end program like Jasc Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Elements.

Without getting technical (too much) I usually make thumbnails (30 pixels x 30 pixels) of pictures so that you don't have to wait forever for them all to load completely and the web site visitor can click on one to load the large version (that I usually keep to about 640x480). I keep the large size reasonably small because since many people have 800x600 monitors, they can see the whole picture without scrolling. Also, if they have 1024x768 resolution, the file size is still reasonable.

When designing web pages there are LOTS of opionions - web page design is an art, not a science, so different people do different things. There are many good books on web site design and web pages also. I don't know if you have a web design package - each has its strengths as well.

Hope this helps - remember the more specific your question, the better people can answer it.
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Here's the short answer: resize your JPEG's to 800x600, and compress them 50%. That should reduce your filesize and keep the quality high for excellent online viewing.

Here's my recommendations: use Digital Photo Slideshow to resize your pics, and then use CompuPic to automatically build a thumbnailed webpage of your photos for you. I'll assume you have a FTP program to upload your pics; if not, I like WSFTP.

If you need a long answer, please leave specifics and we'll do the best we can to provide you with detailed help. I hope this helps!
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Default thank you

To both of you: thank you for your quick response... it's working now!!!
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If you have any real good web ready software titles at your feet. I would suggest slicing any huge images down into slices in a table.
That way you can keep the image quality, but they will load faster (as seperate images rather than one mama jamma one)

ImageReady from PhotoShop has it
Fireworks from Macromedia has it

and my favourite is Canvas from Deneba
here is the link: www.canvas9.com
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