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I was wondering if anyone out there could provide and answer to a little problem I am having... it could just be that after a rather long holiday my brain just ain't working the way it should.
I have both Picasa2 and IMatch on my PC... There are a lot of features in IMatch which I find really useful but when it comes to just doing a very quick search of photos on the hard disk I prefer to use Picasa2.
I have found that if I add keywords to photos in Picasa2 it will put them in the IPTC keyword field which is fine and I can happily search them.
If however I use IMatch and add keywords to the IPTC keyword field, it seems that Picasa2 knows nothing about them. I can't search them and the keyword list for that image doesn't list them.
I have tried removing all the folders and then re-adding them to Picasa (incase Picasa is actually searching a database rather than the images themselves) but that had no effect.
Has anyone else noticed this? am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to fix it?
Any suggestions appreciated.
(Just tried editing IPTC keywords in IrfanView and Picasa2 picked up the changes... so why won't it pick up changes made in IMatch? very strange)
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