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I am an absolute novice when it comes to making a slideshow. I have ProShow Gold 2.5. I had read some great reports about it & after trialling it I went ahead with the registration. I was very happy with my first slideshow & was eager to burn it to Video CD. Unfortunately my program doesn't allow this. If I click on either the Icon or use Create Video CD drop down, the program closes down immediately. The same thing happens if I choose Autorun CD, DVD Disc, Share Show, Web Show or E-mail. I have only one option that it will allow & that is to burn it to an Executable. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to change some options? I have uninstalled the program & re-installed it again but nothing changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated or I will have to try & find another program which is a shame as I really like this one.
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Hi GLSally - It could very well be that your PSG isn't finding - or isn't communicating with your CD/DVD burner. I had a similar problem at first. Go to the PSG site and use the 'update' function for latest CD drivers updates. You also may have to uninstall/reinstall PSG. It is a little touchy, not completely DeBugged.

Also - do you have the latest upgrade? It should be version 2.5.1635
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I think the last poster got it right. I've had my share of problems lately with my computer as well as ProShow Gold, though it's a great program. Once you update it should be able to locate and use your CD/DVD burner.

Their support walked me through the process and were quite helpful.

Good luck!
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Installing the updates does not always fix the problem of finding the CD/DVD.

I would choose software that is more reliable. Granted, the software works for most slideshows, but it has some little quirks that will drive you mad. These quirks don't appear until you really try to control everything about your slideshow.

Also, the software does not lend itself to advanced PC's that have multiple optical burners (ie. two DVD burners). When I had one DVD burner the software worked fine, but when I added a second DVD burner to my secondary IDE controller (first set as master and later set as slave) the software would lock up my PC. I have been waiting for over a month now and the vendor still has not fixed the problem. Also, the software has not had any updates since April, 2005. That is just a little too long between updates. I would say one update every six months would be acceptable. It appears the company is too busy getting their new professional tool out the door, instead of supporting their existing products.

Don't get me wrong, it is a very fine product, but it has some warts that can drive you nuts. There are easier tools to use, but they don't have the depth of ProShow Gold. I just wish the vendor did a better job of supporting the product. When I can burn DVD's using three other software products, but not with the ProShow Gold software, it tells me the software is not functioning properly.

Be warned! It will work on the more basic PC setups, but not for the more full featured advanced PC's.
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I'm afraid to say that this describes what happened to me as well. When I put together a show with video, sound, backgrounds, photos, narration, etc. on my machine with two burners it didn't work.

After two months of working until 12:00 and 1:00 and 2:00 at night, the thing would not burn onto a CD or DVD. With the help of support I got something to burn, but it wasn't the show that I've got on the hard drive. I can watch the show and it runs perfectly on the computer, but when I need to burn or copy the show it just doesn't work.

I think the software is good and allows for much control over your show, but I only wish that it worked the way it should on my machine.
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You need to disable the optical drive that is NOT BEING USED for burning:

(Assuming you are using Windows XP)

1). Right Click My Computer.

2). Select Properties.

3). Select Hardware Tab.

4). Click Device Manager button.

5). Look for DVD/CD ROM drives and click the "+".

6). Highlight the optical drive, right click and select Disable.

Run Proshow Gold, load your saved slideshow, create your slideshow using the DVD Discor Video CD option. Voila! :idea:

Hope this helps,

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