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Video Vault works!

I tried the Video Vault Trial Version and converted seven movies to AVI format. They look and sound great in 640x480 format. And so I guess I will be spending even more money (40$) to buyVideo Vault too!I likeQuicktime Pro because it offers a wide variety of formats, some not covered by Video Vault.

These movies look great on the P2000.

I wish Epson would have just let us know about all of this in the first place so we wouldn't have gonethrough all of this hassle.



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Wahoo! Someone on Canon Talk suggested using the DivX codec on QuickTime to compress files - not necessarily for the P2000...that wasn't mentioned, but when I tried it (version 6 of DivX in Virtual Dub although he recommended 5 (which wasn't in the current version of Virtual Dub) it compressed a large file quite well, but I never got to see it because it hung in my computer.

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If you want to look at other codec options to convert to mp4, here are a few.

DivX - this software creates .avi files which are not MP4. But the video is mp4 format. The difference is in how the file is formatted for playback. AVI = audio/video interleave. There may be an option to create an mp4 file. Can be used with QT Pro or other SW.

3ivx - IMHO, much better than DivX. Can create real mp4 files. Can be used with QT Pro or other SW.

mencoder - open source and fast. Google it - I don't know what specific software is out there in the windows world that uses it, but it can create both mp4 and h.264.

Do a search for software for creating iPod compatible videos. All the ones I've seen can create mp4 and the good ones can create H.264 (which is not compatible with your epson). Many of these use open source software that is very good.

To convert iTunes videos to mp4 (non H.264) you would have to remove the DRM from it, assuming that you are talking about purchased items. I won't explain how to do that here, as it is not legal to do.

hope this helps more.
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For Epson P2000 and Ulead Videostudio 9 owners w/mpeg-4 plug-in, the following plays in the P2000:

Create a MPEG-4 video file (at share menu). Select custom. I choose 24 fps and 640x480.

It plays in the P2000.
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