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My apologies in advance for such a basic Q. I am a newbie to this forum.

I have 6 photos on my Canon Digital Elph S400 that I can view on the camera's LCD. However, I am unable to get these pictures from my camera onto my PC with Zoombrowqser or Windows XP Explorer. Neither of these programs "see" these pictures. Any suggestions?

AAlso, the Compat Flash card did have some memory card errors that I needed to "fix". That doesn't seem to be related but one never knows.

- richie58[img]images/emoticons/icon_exclaim.gif[/img]

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A good utility to try is Digital Image Recovery (it's free). It doesn't support raw files but it works with jpeg. You can download it using this link.


Look under "My Computer" and make note ofthe drive letter for the reader (or camera if connected via USB). Then,run the Digital Image Recovery Program.

Note that a card reader is preferred (especially with Canon models). You can probably pick up a USB 2.0 CompactFlash reader for around $10

Try it with the existing camera connection first if you don't already have a card reader.

After loading the software, you then select English as the languge (when it starts it will ask), andselectthe source drive letter your want it to read from (the drive letter for your card).

You then browse for a folder for it to copy recovered images to on your hard disk drive and press the start button (just leave everything else at the defaults).

Here is another product designed to recover images if Digital Image Recovery can't get them back for you (not free, but they have a demo version you can try to see if it works).


After you get your photos back (and make sure you can view more than just the thumbnails), format the card using the camera''s menus for format (not with your PC) before using it again. Also, it's not unusual that some images you recover will be bad (because the camera was overwriting portions of them).

Chances are, you just have a corrupted FAT (File Allocation Table) that a format with the camera will fix.

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The hardware solution was easy enough to try ... an external flash card reader. CF is a readily supported format and the card reader sucessfully read n the CF contents ... including the"missing" images I couldnt copy to my PC from the camera's USB port before!

Thanks for the help. I've since reformatted the CF card (Viking 512 MB).

- richie58[img]images/emoticons/icon_exclaim.gif[/img]

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