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Shooting at events. Need to download card into PC and then run a slideshow so that the participants can see the image and the file number, be able to stop or pause and then continue on or back. Compupic Pro does an ok job but doesnt show file number.

Nikon viewer is just way to cumbersome.

Any suggestions?


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Hi Jeff,

First, I'm assuming a Windows platform - so if you have a Mac read no further....

There are a couple ways to go depending on your specifics. My suggestion would be to use PicturesToExe. It's a long story, so let me begin by saying if you just want to go forward and backward with no transitions and no effects, you can do that with the freeware IrfanView:


IrfanView lets you display the file name and you can manually advance, go back etc. Even if you don't use IrfanView for this purpose, you really "should" have it in your toolbox for all the other fantastic things it can do.

Now for the great news. PicturesToExe has been around for many years and is "the" choice for people in the UK where slideshow competitions are held. It has so many features and capabilities that you will be absolutly amazed. You can create a high resolution slideshow with ease in seconds which will let you manually advance, back up, go to the first slide from anywhere in the slideshow and you can display the file name if you choose. You can run external executable code from within the slideshow and return seamlessly to continue your show. You can even print a slide from within your slideshow if you wish. There are a number of beautiful, smooth and creative transitions and there is virtually no limit (2 gigabytes) to the number of slides.

Here's more good news. If, on the other hand, you want a fantastic slideshow complete with pan, zoom, rotate, scroll, etc., you can also do this with complete control of objects. For example you could have twenty seperate images or objects each with their own animation, motion, transparency, etc., all simultaneously doing their own thing on a single slide. You have complete layers capabilities and so much control that you would not believe it. All this power is presently available in version 5 beta 2 and there will be much more in the release version.

Now here's the great news. Once version five is released, the price will go up, but for everyone who buys now you get not only the present release but free upgrades for life. I beta tested PicturesToExe before it was released over 6 years ago and I've never had to pay for an upgrade.

What do you think all this power might cost? Try $24. You own it to yourself to get on over to the wnsoft site, download both the regular version from the main site window and the version 5 beta from the forum.

Here's the link to the wnsoft site - remember that version 5 is still just an early beta release but available to all users. It's not fully implemented yet but soon it will be putting many present $500 - $1200 programs in dire straits. I'm a long time user of ProShow Gold which I also beta tested before release and I've used the extremely powerful Vegas Video (formerly Sound Forge- now owned by Sony) for years, I've thoroughly tested ProShow Producer and I'm telling you that PicturesToExe (P2E) version 5 will be my choice for professional presentations. Even the beta version has already replaced Vegas Video and ProShow Gold for me.

There are two links below. The first is to the Wnsoft.com site and the other is a little demo (5.9 meg zipped executable) I just created in PicturesToExe beta 5. Be sure to visit the forum because that's where the beta can be downloaded and by all means stop by and say hi and have a look. You can download a trial version limited to 10 images for free and give it a test drive.



Best regards,

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Thanks, Lin.

I downloaded Porta, its free and it does absolutely everything I need, plus some.

I've never seen any software so easy to use and so fast.

Thanks again.

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