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I'm developing a website for a local professional quality photo processing company and one of their must-have features is the ability for customers to upload images via their website, which can then be accessed by the staff without the customer having stepped foot in the building.

Any ideas on how to implement this?

I was thinking of just having a script which generated an email with the picture(s) as attachments and having that email sent to the staff. But if there's a similar script (free or not), it would save me a considerable amount of time.
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How about FTP? It's fairly easy and very reliable. As for scripts, I've seen them around but didn't really pay attention where they were. I notice a lot of the processing centers use a software upload system like Labprints, but I don't know the specifics behind how it works. Bay Photo uses it, perhaps you could check thier website and see how they use it.

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headhunter i think he wants public to upload to a photo processing lab for printing therefore ftp isnt a lot of use

its gotta be a script mate and looking about looks like its php which is outta my league at the moment

found this having a look about on google http://www.hotscripts.com/Detailed/24137.html

what u are looking for is very specialised as itll need pay options too hence the price for a full version

[align=left]Commercial License

Additional Info:
Full source code Print Order System for Photo Labs[/align]
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As a thought and an easy option. The web site or host would allow for an email address to be set up. Potential customers could email their photo's for processing.

You could study a form action for the site. The scripts are available forfree and would be a good next step.

If the business is heading towards an online processing system then investment in a professional set up would be the way to go and could be part of the business plan
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