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My elderly mother-in-law has an APS camera. I apologise for this, as she should have got a 35mm zoom compact instead. She needs a digicam, but I haven't got her there yet.

She takes her cassettes to a local supermarket (Tesco, the UK's gigantic market leader, leaving Asda (WalMart) in the shade). She won't take them to my favourite, nearby, much cheaper camera store (http://www.wrexcam.com). She's been to New Zealand, and returned with only 50 images, many of which are excellent.

Tesco's minilab gave her a free CD for each film, and I have been copying the images to CD-R to send to her family members. The images they've given her are only approx. 800K, and include a fraction of the data in her excellent negatives.

I have encountered a bizarre APS/Tesco filmscanner 'feature'. I have about 8 or 10 different image viewers (some rather old). About half of these display Tesco's jpg files elongated vertically, so that everyone looks like 'the Coneheads', if any of you remember the classic sci-fi comedy movie.

The latest Irfanview displays them correctly, but if I 'losslessly rotate the jpg files' to reorient portrait format files, I get a result that's 3 pixels shorter than it started.

I think this is due to APS format information buried in the jpeg files. All the offending files are in a 1528x859 (1.77:1) wide-angle format. Is this something that's buried in JPEG2000, or what?

Please can anyone shed light on this phenomenon?

Alan T

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