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Easyshare Camera Dock User's Guide, first quotes on page 3.

"If your camera came with non-rechargeable batteries (Lithium 3V, CRV3 or 2 AA, 1.5v shown in picture) use the NiMH rechargeable battery pack that came with your camera dock (it did)." (CRV3, no hyphen, non rechargeable LiIon, came with camera.)
Therefore, this seems to be the User Guide's operative instruction for my purchases of two Kodak items.

But, that battery pack will not fit in my Z-712! Here is the second quote on page 3.

"If your camera came with a rechargeable Li-ion battery (it did not) load it in your camera. Do NOT use the NiMH rechargeable battery pack that came with your camera dock."
This would be the instruction to ignore if I understand it correctly.

Both quotes came from the Camera Dock User's Guide. Net result is that two different Kodak Easyshare packages that I purchased leave this purchaser with no rechargeable option despite the clear inference that there was a recharge option.

I apologize to forum readers because I see from extensive forum discussion that this battery challenge in the Z-712 is not a new discussion topic. First, unless I don't read well, I find the Kodak instruction book for the Camera Dock series 3 entirely misleading on the battery subject, if not downright erroneous, for purchasers of the Z-712 camera.

I did not discover this immediately because I had some old NiMH batteries in the double A size, rechargeables, and a recharger I had bought years ago. These batteries let me learn how to use the camera and I realized from the outset they drained quickly. I avoided flash and I use the old fashoned view finder, but probably the little engine that extends the lens barrel uses the energy. Now I want to get serious for catching birds vs squirrels at the bird feeder. (And the occasional hawk that swoops down and tears birds apart!)

The forum consensus seems to be a Li-Ion KLIC 8000, altho a forum discussion leader has found a CR-V3 (hyphen in there somewhere) that works well as a rechargeable. I will first try the 8000 solution and hope it works in the Easyshare Camera Dock Series 3 for recharging and then works in the Z-712. Maybe Radio Shack will let me try both in the store.

I am a retired Navy Capt Destroyer gunnery officer WW2, and then a VP patrol plane pilot for many years. Living in Alpharetta Ga now.

Frank D.
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