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Default canon eos 350d err cf

i have a canon eos 350d slr and have always had trouble with the cf card. i bought a cf card and not long after buying my camera and it would come up with message 'no cf card' even though it was in, so i bought a brand new one today to immediately find the message 'err cf' which consequently doesn't let me take pictures anymore. i'm going on holiday early tomorrow so i essentially have tonight to try and fix this and am also booked in for a photography course the day after i get back so it is really important i fix this! please please please help! x
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Brand new card doesn't work either?

Shine a flashlight into the card slot in the camera and make sure you didn't break or bend one of the pins you'll see at the bottom of the slot.

That happens from time to time if you're not careful, as sometimes the cards get a bit too much wear/play in slots in their sides designed to make sure they slide in straight.

So, if a card doesn't slide in perfectly straight into the card slot so that the pins at the bottom of the slot slide into the them OK, you may have damaged one of the pins (bent one or broke it off). If multiple cards don't work, that would be something to look at.

If a bent pin is the issue, sometimes you may be able to use something like a needle nose pliers to straighten it again so that it fits into a card OK.

But, you'll risk breaking it off entirely if you're not very careful or the pin is too far bent to be easily straightened without metal fatigue causing it to break off, which means an expensive repair at a service center.
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