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Default Hello from the Land of the Turtle Dove

Now retired and living here where you can find Nature's Little Secrets! [BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS]. Fortunate to have a camcorder and access to a DSLR with interchangeable lenses. Hope to learn a lot from this community as one is never too old to learn.
My first question: what are the main difficulties in trying to use a Pentax K lens with a Sony E-mount camcorder?
Second question: generally, is it better to have an out-of-focus foreground with a to a focused background or vice-versa: sharp foreground, out of focus background?

Kind regards to all.
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You can find many adapters that let you mount K mount lenses on an E-Mount camera.

But, keep in mind that you'll need a lens with an aperture ring and use stop down metering, and will need to use manual focus. You may want to ask about them in our Sony Alpha NEX Forum, to find out if any users with NEX models here are also using K Mount lenses with them.

A quick google search find adapters at a variety of price ranges. For example, here's one for $199 at B&H:


Here's a less expensive one:


You can find lots more with a quick google search (those were just a couple of hits I saw and clicked on when searching for k mount to e-mount adapter).

I'd make sure others have found that a given adapter model works OK on a given camera model before going that route (as a given combo may have some "quirks", and I can imagine that quality will vary a lot).

As for your other question... it depends. ;-)

You may want to isolate a subject (for example, a person) from a distracting background by zooming in to fill the frame with your primary subject more and using a wider aperture setting (lower f/stop number). Or, you may want to have both the foreground and background in better focus by using a wider view and stopping down your aperture some (higher f/stop number).

Of course, what you can or cannot do with a given lens/subject framing is limited to the lens design, distance to subject, subject size, and more; as you can't always have as much control over Depth of Field as you want to have. For example, you may need to fill the frame with a larger subject like a person with head shot versus full body shot of a subject in order to isolate the subject from a distracting background, depending on other factors (lens design, aperture, distance to the background). Or, with a very small subject from a close distance, you may find it difficult to get more of what is in the frame in focus. Again, there are many factors involved.

See some of the Depth of Field Charts around to get a better idea of how that kind of thing works.


You may also want to read some articles about it. Here's one:


Getting better bokeh (quality of the out of focus highlights), with better ability to isolate a subject from distracting backgrounds (especially with portraits) is reason many photographers spend a lot of money to get lenses with wider available apertures. For example, a lens like an 85mm f/1.4 is popular for that purpose. Of course, with a smaller sensor (as in an APS-C size sensor versus a 35mm film size sensor), you'll need a wider aperture setting for the same Depth of Field for the same subject framing, too.

That's why it's so much more difficult to get a shallower depth of field with most point and shoot cameras (their sensors are much smaller, meaning a much shorter [actual versus "35mm equivalent"] focal length lens is being used to get the same subject framing from a given distance, where most of the time, everything is in focus unless you're zooming in on a smaller area and filling the frame more with it. Again, there are many variables involved, and sensor size is one of them.

BTW, Welcome to Steve's
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