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Thunderbolt Dec 14, 2008 8:09 PM

Season's Greetings to one and all:

I thought this would be a good time to introduce myself. I have been been taking photographs since I was six-years old, which is a long time ago. I mostly used Polaroid film cameras in the early days, and then migrated to 35mm in 1979.

My father had large format press cameras that I l admired, such as a Crown Graphic, and Speed Graphic. I really loved those large flashbulbs, but didn't like the ideal of having my fingers burnt one-time so I decided to play it safe with the 35mm format.

My first 35mm film camera was an Argus C-3 that my mother received as a graduation gift from high school in 1951. This was an ideal camera to learn about basic aperture, and shutter speeds, using various types of print and slide film. Likewise, it was so simple, it didn't even need any batteries. I can see why and how it received it's nickname the "brick."

I decided that since I like Argus cameras so much, it would be cool to collect the different models that were made over the years. I must have several vintage cameras in my closet that all still work. Nonetheless, as I got more into action and photojournalism, I decided I needed a modern 35mm camera. I decided in 1987, it was time to upgrade, so I purchased a Minolta Maxxum 7000 for my birthday. This opened many new doors, and I also bought a 9000 two years later; thus, using my 7000 as a backup. Both of these cameras have lasted me close to 20 years.

Now in 2008, I find myself finally wanting to make the plunge into the digital realm. I have done a lot of research on modern DSLR units, and have pretty much decided to go with Canon. Although, many of my friends say that Nikon is the right path to follow in life. Somehow, I just seem to like the features that Canon offers on their cameras.

I mostly like to take action, landscape, nature, photojournalism, and scenic photos. I am looking forward to learning more about digital cameras. I know I won't miss the high price of film processing anymore, once I make the changeover.

Yours truly,


Scotious Dec 14, 2008 9:11 PM

Hi Ron, and welcome from another Michi-goose. We look forward to seeing your work here. I happen to work in Ann Arbor, in the old Argus Camera Bldg. I do video work for the university-- just a coincidence. The building houses a number of U-M departments, including Michigan Radio (WUOM) as well as some private companies. I wonder if you have seen the exhibit on the second floor of the Argus Bldg.? There is a great display of Argus cameras and other paraphernalia, including photos, ads, posters, and stills from movies that included Argus products. It's actually a "curated" museum of sorts, although really just a few display cases in the second floor lobby.

Welcome to the boards!


Thunderbolt Dec 15, 2008 1:06 PM

Hi Scott,

Yes, I have been to the old Argus Camera building. I remember going there when they had a special exhibit, which was open to the public. I spent around three hours there that day, just soaking up all of the exhibits, vintage cameras, and marketing material.

I was not aware that WUOM had moved into that building. When did this happen?

Happy Holidays,


Scotious Dec 17, 2008 4:46 PM

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Ron-- I actually didn't know exactly when WUOM moved there, although I know they were in the LSA Building prior to their move. We (a video production group called Michigan Productions) moved there less than two years ago. Wikipedia knows, though:

"Michigan Radio remained in those studios until August 23, 2003, when it moved off campus to the Argus Building on Ann Arbor's Old West Side. "

Best, Scott

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