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My name is Barb.

I purchased a Pentax K10 last year, because I had the film Pentax ZX-7 and a couple lenses. I purchased it last April, and have been having a blast with the DSLR.

I bought it, and use it to photograph dogs, since my Canon point and shoot couldn't keep up. However, I am finding my knowledge, and lenses to be limiting. I'd like to focus on canine performance, preferably in a natural setting. I am hoping one day to make this a part time career.

My contacts that also shoot photography swear by Nikon and Canon, so I am hoping to research more what I may need, before venturing into another manufacturer, and more lenses.

Here's a link to my smugmug site, for an example of my work so far:

BravoIGs Gallery

Thanks for the help-

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Welcome to the Forums Barb.

I quickly skimmed through some of your photos, and what I'm seeing in some looks like you may have been focusing on more distant subjects for some of them.

For example, some of your images like this one appear to be back focused (i.e, focusing behind your intended subject since closest dog is blurry and further away dogs are sharper).


That may or may not be something you did (i.e., not making sure your focus point was on your intended subject and you're using continuous Autofocus). It's difficult to tell what what was going wrong with some of them like that, since I don't see any EXIF information in them. Filling the frame more with your subject would probably help reduce some of those types of issues (zoom in more).

We've got a friendly group of members here with Pentax dSLR models that can probably give you some tips, as well as pros and cons of different lenses available if you stay with that system. That way, you'd be able to make better informed decisions after determining if your equipment is holding you back versus your technique. So, make sure to visit our Pentax dSLR forum and post some downsized samples of problems images (with the EXIF information intact so that cameras settings used can be seen by members).

BTW, that's a pretty neat watermark you're using. For a second, I thought I was seeing some ghosts from shutter speeds that were too slow in one of your shots with the watermark over the dog (before I realized it was a watermark). lol

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