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I have always fooled around with photography, especially digital since it came out.
Had to have a Coolpix 950 when they were hot. Have taken thousands of pics of automobiles fo selling on ebay and made web pages too.
Recently that buisness went away, guess why?LOL:O
I am a mechanic by trade , but have had to stop because I am fighting an illness. I have a Coolpix 8700 I have used most recently but never really took advantage of it .
Mostly shot in program mode on auto. I want to get a dslr but I figure I,ll warm up with the 8700, Get a wide angle and there is a telephoto I can get used. I got photo
elements and have been taking online courses, Lynda .com?? Any Comments welcome.
Also any comments on my camera strategy would be welcome too. Warming up on the 8700 versus a new one. The 8700 seems capable for now?.
I have always wanted to do some zoom nature photos.
Thanks for the listen and I hope to post and hear some to

Bob Greer
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Welcome aboard Bob!
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I've still got a Nikon Coolpix 950. Every once in a while I'll charge a set of batteries and use it (and my wife used it not that long ago, too).

When you haven't used an older model like that for a while, you tend to appreciate how much more responsive some of the newer camera are when you use it again later (autofocus speed, cycle time between photos, etc.). But, you learn to time your shots better with the older model. ;-)

I'd use your newer Coolpix 8700 for a while and decide if it's limiting you in any way. Even though it's a rather dated model now (introduced in 2004), and a number of newer models can outperform it in some areas (for example, Autofocus in low light, noise as ISO speeds are increased), it's got a pretty decent sensor and lens, and it's capable of taking very nice photos. See Steve's review samples here:


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Thank you Both
I have bought a wide angle and teleconverter for the 8700 for what I think is a good price compared to getting a dslr, $150.

Now if I can fig how to use them. I can try the forums . I am sure someone had a 8700 at some time
Thanx again!
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