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Hi my name is dave but I am better known as photo 5 and photo 5 is my name/ID on this sitebecause that is my radio call sign for the local fire and rescue system that I do a lot of work for. I am also a part time local newspaper photograph, I might beable togofull time later this year.

I am an active poster here both in asking for help and helping others. I believe in sharing my talents with others and helping others out whenever I can. If you have ny questions feel free to ask.

I have used several cameras since I started digital photographer in 2001. I never shot one frame of film in my life. Pansonic Superdisc Camera 1.3MP model, Olympus C700 and C750, Fuji S5000, S5200 and S9100. I currently own the S9100 and my father had the Olympus C750.... the rest of the equipment has since been sold. I currently have on order an Olympus Stylus 820 as my backup weatherproof camera for shooting at fires when their is a lot of water flowing and in the rain.

I carry all gear in a nova lowepro 1AW and have a 4AW on order now to hold my increased gear all in one place.

I have a sunpack 383 suoerauto flash, many sets of AA rechargeable batteries (CTA, Energenizers and Impact Brands -- ranging from 2400 - 2900mha). I also own 3x 1GB xD cards, 2GB Sandsic Ultra II, 4GB PQI 100xand 16GB 133x TranscendCF cards. I also have a wolverine 60GB flashpic device that I got for a trip to Baltimore last year so I didn't have to take my laptop with me to off load my memory cards to (at that time I only had a 2GB and 4GB).

My laptop is a durabook with a Dual Layer DVD burner, 3GB Ram, Nereo8, Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and MS Office 2003 and the picture viewer from 2000 office.

I have shot 3 family weddings as favors, one time because the brides camerman backed out with less than a week before the wedding (appartently he overbokks and then when the bride doesn't buy into all his extras for a lot of money he drops the client). I do not pride myself as being a professional wedding photographer although in all three cases I got some nice pictures that the bride and groom liked.

I have also done some local sports for the local newspaper High School Friday Night Football, High School Baseball and Little League State Playoffs. I am not a professional sports photographer but in all cases have gotten shots that have been published by the local newspaper. The newspaper thinks I am a good baseball photographer.

My main area of interest and specialization is in the area of fire and rescue and large scale local events (such as old farm day, 4th of July Celebration, Halloween Custome Parade and Old Fashion Village Christmas). I have also covered the governors visit to our area and several school events inculding annual new teachers day and High School Graduation. Typically pictures from these events make up a 2 page photo essay in our local paper.

Icurrently have over 500GB of photos stored on DVDs/CDs and a hard drive in a netgear storage centeral device. I am looking at expanding my storage medium with a blueray DVD burner when the prices come down.

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Nice to meet you Dave!

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