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Ozzie_Traveller Jan 23, 2011 4:38 PM

May Ozzie Traveller introduce himself
G'day all

I discovered this forum only recently, while meandering around and Googling for other things ... and it seems to be a nice, friendly and informative site

I am one of the "down-unders", living in Australia

I am in my mid-60s [yeah, makes me an old fella], retired from the 6-day-a-week workforce with an engineering & computing background and a life-long hobby of photography ~ a hobby that way back in the 70s led me into the world of adult education.

Over the years I have developed and run many courses on 'photographic techniques'; been on local government education department panels reviewing and creating approved courses-of-study for college students; been active in local camera clubs, exhibited in local & National photographic level etc etc and enjoyed it all

These days I have retired from the main workforce, and now take my [revised for the audience] college photographic techniques courses out into the Australian outback.

We travel Australia in a well-kitted out motorhome, we're on the road for 6 - 8 months each year running 24+ digital-photography weekend workshops over this time frame ... at the end of the journey, we've done about 35,000 kilometres and are exhausted :rolleyes:

Our base is on the New South Wales central coast and that is a nice area to come home to

Hope you enjoy my posts when you see them
Regards, Phil

JimC Jan 23, 2011 4:58 PM

Hey Phil. Welcome to Steve's.

We'll look forward to your continued participation in the forums, sharing some of the knowledge you've accumulated over the years.

DyaneG Jan 24, 2011 2:00 PM

G'day Phil, struth -welcome to the site. This is the Kiwi connection here, and with all your experience I am sure I will be picking your brains for photography tips. I have posed a coulpe of questions here and you DO get responses and the "gang" is really supportive and encouraging. Cant wait to see your photos !!

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