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Default A negative observation.

A word of warning to all you hopefuls who wish to show off your photography skills, this site Is chock full of lurkers, your photo will be viewed by hundreds, yet you will be fortunate to get more than a couple of replies, and they will be from the dozen or so motivated regulars, now I do not know why this is, perhaps they don't know how, or is it just apathy? It makes one feel like giving up or trying another photography site, anyone with any ideas?:confu sed:
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Let me suggest the following advice to people:
1) Post photos in genre forums instead of gear forums - if you take a photo of a landscape subject, you're more likely to generate interest by people that enjoy landscapes - regardless of the camera brand they shoot.

2) specifically ask for comments and critique in your post if that is what you are after. This is important. Plenty of people are unsure or nervous about providing critique - and rightfully so - as there are people who post but only want positive feedback.

These 2 simple things will go a long way toward garnering feedback on your photos. If you REALLY want good feedback - post in the CRITIQUE forum here - just read the rules first (most importantly only a single photo in a post).
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G'day Jon

I fear that you might be being a bit harsh here - tho your viewpoint is valid

-yes- every site, be it photo or hotrods or flower-growing etc etc will have more 'followers' than 'leaders' ~ the world is much the same too

One of the good things about Steve's is that the 'leaders' here do post their images, and it shows all of us the beautiful world we live in.
I personally don't give a rats-rear-end what camera / lens is used ~ although I do store the info for general knowledge.

Here on this site, we have a dozen extremely capable photographers & 100 close-behind ... does it make any difference as to the camera/lens used or is it the skills of the 'photographic-eye'?

What I do enjoy - and suspect many others are the same - is to see differing visual interpretations of this beautiful world. Sometimes I respond with a comment, other times I just admire from a distance with no comment, and occasionally I look and mutter a quiet OMG and move on

Hope this helps
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