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Rodz May 17, 2012 12:41 PM

New member with Eagle Eye Telephoto question
I am here on the Pianktank River of East central Virginia, 7 miles up from the Chesapeake. At 95 I am still poking around for things to keep occupied and have taken up again the subject lens which has layen dormant for several years. I first tried to use it with a Kodak 265 but never could get sharp focus. Now have a Kodak DX 6490,- I know way behind the times, but still takes good pix. Any way looking for info for attaching the Eagle Eye. I have a tripod special clamping mount for the lens but need some kind of adapter between camera with 52 mm lens front threaded filter ring feature and the rear end of Eagle Eye 37mm threaded connection provision.
Well just an arrow into the air to see if anybody has some suggetions.
Old Bob

JimC May 18, 2012 9:31 AM

Hey Bob:

You could probably find a 52mm to 37mm step down ring.

However, you'd probably get a lot of vignetting (darkening of corners) that way, especially trying to go to a smaller lens. You may want to post a question about it in our Kodak Forum to see if any other users of that camera have tried using a step down ring with it.

But, I'd suspect you're going to find that using a 37mm lens is probably not a good idea if the camera is designed to use 52mm filters and add-on lenses.

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