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culdesac Jul 18, 2011 12:00 PM

Newbie here and with FZ100 Yippie!
Hi Folks...Culdesac here:

I've had several cameras, the first being the old Sony Mavica that took floppies and really great pictures for the time. Then I had the first Canon Dig Rebel with lots of lens that took good pics AND then several Panasonic FZs because I got lazy and didn't want to drag around a bag of stuff. The new FZ 100 comes about as close as I need to be and takes great, really great vids of my grandkids and my dogs, plus decent stills.

Two questions for those who might please help: 1) where can I see member's photos? Example I am looking for Vivek's moon/sun shots with his FZ...I go to his page and see posts but no pictures. What am I missing? and 2) for FZ100 owners....I read that the shutter speed is capable of being slowed to a least 60 seconds......for instance I want to take a waterfall shot and go below one second or an experimental night shot. How do I manually set the speed for say, 15 seconds? I know the little wheel changes the setting but I can't get below one-sixtyith of a sec.

Thanking you all in advance...........culdesac

JohnG Jul 18, 2011 12:09 PM

First, welcome! As to seeing a member's photos - not everyone puts their photos in a gallery here at Steve's. Many people have their photos in photo hosting sites like flikr, smugmug, etc. and simply imbed links to the photos in posts. So you have to look in those posts (or know the website the user hosts images from and go there).

Square one Jul 18, 2011 3:29 PM

Welcome to the forum culdesac, venter over to

meet and see other panny FZ users shots

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