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abroxis Apr 2, 2009 8:27 AM

Fishycomics thanks a lot for the info and video samples you have provided.

I just bought a Jazz HDV 178 from Canadian Tire in Ontario.

Everything on the HDV 178 seems to work as expected. I am happy with the results of the HD video.

While it lists at $199 I got mine on sale for $149. ($ 120.00 in USD). The canadian version has to have french added due to our language laws but other than that it seems to be the same as the units in the USA.

I had to howl ...... the sales clerk told me that one poor soul was complaining about the terrible video quality. He had forgotten to remove the protective plastic sheet from over the lense.

I also found protective plastic on the top of the unit .

There did not seem to be any plastic covering on the lcd viewer however. Did anyone find that thin plastic on their lcd screen ?

The url for the jazz site has changed for those that not working.

For those who are currious I might mention that the Jazz hdv-178 is sold under several different names. It can be foundas the Traveler DV 5000.

The origional Jazz drivers do not seem to be available online ...... I was told that the Traveler DV 5000 drivers and manual will work.

The Traveler folks also distribute firmware upgrades for SOME of their units. Should you come across links DO NOT get greedy and try out their firmware or you may end up with an expensive paper weight.

For those that need a manual or drivers try

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