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Walter_S Nov 29, 2008 9:54 AM

Hello everyone at Steve's!

Having frequented Steve's camera-review pages for some time now (time to upgrade on the ol' digital camera-front!) I have become a member here as well, so its only fair to introduce myself properly.

My name is Walter. I'm a 60-year old Norwegian male, been married for 39 years (!), father of two grown-up children, grandfather of 2 grandchildren (5+9), and haveowned a camera of some form or another,since my teens.

In the old days (I was obsessed by B&W-film / Kodak Tri-X) there was a long period of experimenting with home-developing and enlargements inmy 'make-shift'-darkroom, smelling of developer- and fix-solution...

Nowadays, digital cameras are great fun. There is less hassle to get good pictures and instant review of your shots givesyou forgiving results right away- just great!

Anyway - as you see, I have tendencies of getting carried away - hoping to see a lot of constructive andinteresting hours in front of the screen with Steve's Forum.

I'll try to embed 2 pictures of the kind of scenery in where I live here in Norway - for you to see.
This is approx. 100meters from my house. Its late winter (February) with justa hint of frost seen on the rocks. Its about 3 PM in the afternoon and the sun is very low on the horizon.

Thisis the same stretch of waterfront as the first picture, but we are now looking in the other direction, it is early in the morning (rising sun) in October and, as you can see, low tide.

These shots - amongst 32.000 others (!!) - were taken with my old and trusty camera, anOlympus Camedia C-3000 which has served me well for almost 8 years now. Truly an amazing andreliable camera with great optics - by 2000-standard - when 3.3 Mp and 3x optical zoom - 32mm to 96mm equivalent - wasgreat luxury and did cost a fortune.

Sadly, the old Oly' is feeling its age now, and becomes more and more erratic and sometimes just refuses to "click" - so its time to look for something else.But then, such is live!


Se ya!

Edited to add this question:

Living where I am, right by the coast andusing my boat to fish, naturally most of my pictures are "Seascapes" with coastal and maritime motives. I was wondering where to post my pictures in the "Post Your Photos"-section. Under"Landscapes"? Or should it be "Land- and Seascapes"? ;o)

Mark1616 Nov 30, 2008 5:13 PM

welcome to Steve's, glad you've decided to join in!! You live in a beautiful area looking at these shots and I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

Happy shooting!!

Walter_S Dec 1, 2008 6:51 AM

Mark1616 wrote:

...You live in a beautiful area...

Thank you for the welcome and remark of my home place, Mark1616 - you are not doing too bad yourself when it comes to beautiful area / scenery, coming from Plymouth in the South of England! Is Plymouthpart ofCornwall or Devon?

And by the way!

My very first title in this forumcame outa little wrong. When I wrote (spelling it wrongly as well..:roll:.) "Newb(i)e" I meant Newbie as tothis Forum and not Newbie tophotography.

But then, we are here to discuss photography and not English grammar, aren't we?


Mark1616 Dec 1, 2008 7:19 AM

Yes, I certainly can't complain about where I live. Oh, and I've changed the title of the thread for you :-)

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