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ILovePlaya Dec 19, 2008 7:46 AM

Got a Nikon d40 a month ago.

Learning the in's and out's of it.

Want to concentrate on shooting in aperture mode

before moving to manual.

Was wondering if you have a checklist

you go through when setting up a shot.

Thank's in advance, Craig.;)

JohnG Dec 19, 2008 9:55 AM

Welcome Craig,

Every photographer is going to have a different approach. That approach is going to vary quite a bit by the style of photography. How you approach shooting birds in flight is different than a sunrise vs street photography vs kids playing in the front yard vs HS football vs. portrait shots. You get the idea. Different types of photography have different variables that affect them.

But in most cases the general idea is to have an idea in your mind of the photo you want to capture and think about the variables involed - what is your subject? What is the light situation? What context do you want the subject shot in - i.e. isolation or the context of the environment the subject is in. And then what position you want to be in so the photo looks the best. As an example taking a photo outdoors you want to think about where the sun will be in relation to your subject. For landscape shots typically you want early morning or closer to end of day - midday sun is very harsh. If you're shooting people - is the sun harsh? What direction is it in? What is behind your subject? Given the lighting and the background which side of your subject should you be on?

So, for almost every shot the first thoughts are of composition and lighting. After that, it depends on the type of photography.

What types of photography are you talking about? People can give you a better idea of their workflow if they know what style of photography you're talking about.

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