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Default Sony RX10 mark IV issue (need help)

I'm slowly figuring out this complex camera and have run into a snag. The camera can produce 24 frames per second when set on "Hi". But when I enable exposure bracketing, it will take 5 photos at different exposures but the FPS speed drops to 2 per second. I want to maintain 24 FPS or close to that because I like to shoot HDR sequences without in camera processing. Instead I run the 5 images through photomatix and a fast FPS is helpful for hand held sequences and/or a moving subject. I feel like there must be a setting to do this? Help!
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G'day mate

Reading your dilemma, it appears that you are mixing up two quite different features of the camera - and there's no way I know of to bring them together. It's a bit like engaging the car in 'drive' and turning the steering wheel extreme left when really, you want to drive down the freeway at highway speed

The camera can shoot at 24fps because the internal processor is not doing anything else beyond shoot-save, shoot-save, shoot-save ...

When it comes to bracketing, it's a whole different ball game - the processor has to analyse the scene for each shot, strike a balance, then follow a preset routine to either over- or under-expose by a certain amount, and in the process, determine whether the starting expoure will allow it to alter the Speed or Aperture or maybe both, in order to satisfy your requirements for the bracketing to take place

In doing so, the camera is internally processing the image because you have asked it to do so via the bracketing command. The FPS speed when bracketing [as with the 24fps you mention earlier] will vary as to preset AF settings and possibly other things as well

Hope this helps
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