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i've been reading as much as i can about portable digital media storage, but have not been convinced of any one device that sounds really good, within a reasonable price range.

i am a serious amatuer only. i have a canon 700is, and 40D. looking for someting to download my sd and cf cards to without carrying my laptop. i would like to view a screen with decent quality to organize and delete travel and event photos.

i thought i liked the canon M80, but it seems not so US friendly or available, and rather outdated at this stage. does anybody know if canon has anything new 'in the works?'

i would like to stay in the $350 range. if i go more than that i could buy a netbook, which i really don't want to do as i want to stay extremely compact and havea 'dedicated photo storage device.' if i buy a netbook, i will end up using it for email, web searching,and miscellanous work documents, etc., etc., which i don't want.

anybody know of anything new, with a good display screen, reasonable storage 60, 80, to 100G, compact, good battery, etc ????


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What is sounds like you're looking for is commonly referred to as a PSD (Personal Storage Device).

B&H has listings for a variety of manufacturers' products here:

Stand Alone Data Storage Devices at B&H

Some have more features than others (card types supported, file types supported, screen size and type, battery life, drive sizes, etc.).

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thanks. that's a good link you sent and i like what i see in the memory kick. first time i've seen that. it seems so new that i cannot find any forums on that device, but several on all the others. thanks again.

anybody have any comments about the memory kick?
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