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Bsmooth May 20, 2009 10:18 AM

Oldie but newbi too.
My name is Bruce and I'm from MA.I have been into Photography for at least 30 years.I have been looking here and sending others here ever since I discovered Steve's at least 8 or 10 years ago.All who have come here have been very pleased and hopefully have told others about it as well.
Steve its a great Site.
I've really started to get into Photoshop over the last 3 or 4 years.It was and is a slow learning curve,but I can now do things that I actually want to do as opposed to just running into brick walls and getting frustrated.
My latest interest is HDR,and I'll not beat around the bush here.Its important and it will progressively grow and be incorporated into more and more cameras very quickly.It will be a major part of new breakthroughs in camera technology.Its been around for awhile,but keeping a low profile,lots of strange looking images online,but its an interesting one at that.Now the images can be as we catully see them through our own eyes,or closer to them anyways.HDR is opening lots of new doors.
Matter of fact its so interesting I think it needs to have its own category,so I'll ask If Steve can put one up.
The last thing is something I think every site needs,and that is live discussions.This will be a discussion for another post.
In case you haven't noticed I get pretty excited about things,but isn't that what makes life so interesting.It works for children,they get so excited about the simplest of new things.I don't know why we as older adults lose that,but I hope I never do.

JimC May 20, 2009 12:58 PM

Hey Bruce.

Yes, it's really neat to watch technology advancing now. I've been very impressed with the improvements I've seen in some cameras' ability to capture more Dynamic Range, even without trying to blend multiple exposures. It's not uncommon to see close to 10 stops of DR from a number of dSLR models now (or sometimes more shooting in raw), with more models including features to optimize DR (bringing out shadow detail without clipping highlights, etc.).

Of course, the medium you're using to view images (displays, output from a given printer type) is still going to be limited to some extent (but, that should improve as time passes).

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