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Default Good Morning to all..

Good Morning to all..

Just thought i'd introduce myself... I'm M1dpq (amateur radio callsign) and not exactly new to photography but after a few years getting there..

I'm in England's Last Wilderness or God's Country ( as we call it) County Durham and apart from being a Voluntary Disaster Management / Salvage Officer, i literally take photographs of anything!!!

From Aircraft to Zebra's and everything in-between..

My camera kit consists of a Pentax MZ-30 with Zoom lens and standard lens ..
Nikon 401s with 70-210mm AF lens, 50mm and 3 extension tubes..,
Nikon Pronea S, (nikon's attempt at APS) but works very well..,

A box brownie using 120 film and still in good working order, and it gets used regular basis ..

Minox 35 spy camera and a Ricoh 35..

Digital is Olympus CZ-35 Zoom,
Sony W-180

and for other shots of longer range a Panasonic Camcorder with a 42x Optical zoom.. oh and an attachment for a Tasco Galaxsee telescope..

Before anyone has any thoughts about the security of my property where I live, it should be mentioned that I live 12 floors up in a multi-story blaock of flats looking NNW and the view is fantastic on a clear day, looking up towards the Pentland hills in the Scottish borders some 80+ miles away..

And being single it does help....

Hope i haven't bored everyone.. but thats me WYSIWYG..

Cheers n Beer's

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Welcome to Steve's.

BTW, I think you'll find a number of our members here are Amateur Radio Operators (including Steve, this site's founder).

I got my first license around 40 years ago, and used a Heathkit HW-16 CW Transceiver, followed by a Heathkit HW-101 SSB/CW Transceiver. I haven't been active in many years now, and sold those rigs a long time ago. But, I did buy a Yaesu FT-747GX some time back at a Hamfest (along with an antenna tuner, power supply; coax, wire and insulators to make an antenna with), just in case I decided to get back into the hobby again. Unfortunately, it's still unused, new in the box, sitting on a shelf. :-)
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Welcome! You surely do have an assortment of cameras. We're please that you joined the Forum.

Sarah Joyce
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I have thought of getting to hamming my self and had looked over the Licence part...oh if I could find some one close by to pull me in.... but as it seems some one else has seemed to call me from out yonder as well with out even a hit ol mic wires or box I and them can hear plenty with out even having to speak a word and have shared so much time together in air space of another kind its causes pain of course and well to say I hate it.. just what have they done to me now I ask to have such attention as they have to give? 24/7 non stop it has been for the last 12 years... Oh please! Some times to have my own mind back alone with out the invasion seems an impossible dream... its them that need to stop doing what they have been doing..... but I can get laid back and enjoy my life and ignore what I can but the pains that they cause....

Welcome to Steves ... I cant wait to see some of your Shots.... I never gave any permission to any one to invade in my personal life and that's about getting to.... personnel to any ones liking far a as I am concerned... so any help ya have is greatly needed in any corner of the subject of digital world.

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