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As stated above, I'm looking to replace a (refurbished) Nikon Coolpix 880 that's been acting up quite a bit. Something around $400 or less would be nice, though I'm willing to go up to $450 if necessary. Based on some online research, the cameras I'm considering are, in alphabetical order: Canon PowerShot A95, Canon PowerShot S500 Digital ELPH, Canon PowerShot SD300 Digital ELPH, Casio Exilim EX-Z55, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX7, and Sony Cyber Shot DSC-V1. (I am, of course, open to further suggestions.)

It's important to me that the camera has decent performance both indoors and outdoors, including low-light settings (I loathe flash photography, probably because I can't afford to have a nice one); that it has a decent battery life; that it doesn't take too long between turning it on and taking the first shot; that the autofocus doesn't take terribly long; and that it has an acceptably high resolution. I never make prints from my digital photographs, but I do indulge myself in web design as a hobby and occasionally have needs that arise from that.

Ideal, but not absolutely necessary, features include the ability to shoot video clips, preferably with audio; some manual control; a relatively small size; etc. It would also be nice if the camera was actually quiet.

Features that don't matter to me include extensive manual control (if I decide I want to spend more time on photography, I'll invest in a better camera), burst mode, and anything that could be taken care of via Adobe PhotoShop.

What I really need to emphasize here regarding all of the above is that I'm sure I'll be satisfied with anything that's greater than or equal to the Nikon Coolpix 880. What may not necessarily be "high quality" will still be perfectly acceptable to me as long as it isn't worse than what I have right now. So, for example, even if the camera isn't the size of a credit card, it'll still feel acceptably "tiny" to me as long as it's smaller than what I have (which probably isn't a high expectation,considering howthe Casio Exilim EX-Z55 weighs less than half of it).

Thank you in advance, and I must add that I am thrilled that such a helpful forum exists; I've read through some of the threads here, and it looks like there are a lot of well-informed people around.
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On the high part of your range, there's the Canon Powershot S60/S70.I see the prices of those as $342 and 384with a Dell coupon.It would give lots of functionality and it uses compact flash so you can still use your 880's memory card. It's similar in size/functionality to the V1

To the SD300 (I have a 200). It's small, has about the most robust video available (640x480/30FPS unlimited or 1 minute 320x240/60FPS) and a good image quality.

As to the "satisfied with same or better" attitude: you can get the SD200with all the functionality of the SD300 for$100 less and still have the same resolution.

If you are really happy with the Nikon, the Nikon 3200 is the replacement model of your camera. That camera is sub-$200 and still more compact than the 880 (has quicktime movie with sound).
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where does one get the dell coupon?
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rp3: Thank you for the feedback. Based on what you said + Steve's statement in this forum that the Digital ELPHs are the best in the "tiny camera" field, I've purchased an SD300. (I can't quite say what I think of it yet, since I just bought it today.)
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