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gogriz321 Jul 8, 2006 3:40 PM

Hello all,

I currently use a Canon S2IS and love it...and take good to excellent pictures with it using the manual settings.

however, i would really love to take an occasional group of pics of lightning.
here's the rub, i "can" do it i guess with the S2IS, but i doesn't seem to be a good method.

i have seen you can get special shutter release mechanisms for slr's, however, at this point i cant afford a good Dslr. and standard slrs are pretty affordable it seems.

i guess what i'm asking is this: is there any reasonable way to use the S2IS or do i HAVE to go slr...and even then what are some online resourses some of you could point me to for really good shots?

Thanks in advance gals and guys.

E.T Jul 8, 2006 4:34 PM

At day time catching lightning is extremely hard because you can use only very short exposure time so I would suggest taking video instead of stills.

At night situation is better because you can use longer exposures. Best would be having remote so that you don't bumb camera when pressing shutter (tripods and such won't prevent that, unless you bolt camera to bedrock) so best option for avoiding bumb from blurring picture would be using self timer.
Other thing to remember is that small sensor cameras use generally dark frame noise reduction for exposures longer than few seconds which means camera takes other equally long exposure "with lens cap on" which causes delay before next shot is possible.

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