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Thanks to all who have replied. I am leaning toward the R1.I noticed that the price has droppedsome onit lately. I want the dslr quality in my photos but I am not someone who likes to carry all that extra stuff around. Photography is not a hobby with me. I just like to have good quality photos of family events and vacations. Took a trip with my slr a couple of years ago and I hated carrying all the extra stuff around and switching lenses. If anyone has any further input I would appreciate it.
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kenbalbari wrote:
R1 is also $400 more. You could buy 2 S3s and have enough change for a memory card. Good only if you want DSLR quality at a DSLR price and are willing to give up the possibility of ever putting a big zoom lens on therefor the convenience of a fixed lens.

H2 is a better comparison for the S3.

or the newer h5 - I think steve's reviews compares them

just got my s3 at the weekend so not had much of a chance to get out and about with it yet, but overall I've been impressed with how easy it is to use....just wish theLCD was a tad larger, but I think the ability to swivel it compensates for that

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hercules wrote:
zygh wrote:
no contest: r1.
True.. but the r1 is one ugly camera.
LOL.... at the risk of offending someone... it is a rather akward looking camera... I won't goas far as ugly. I apologize, but it really is rather different looking. Its outward appearance must beall about function and the fact that is has a large sensor. I would not let its looks prevent me from buying it as it is a great camera. It not something I would buybecause I prefer the versatilty of a DSLR, but it is a great camera all-in-one camera. Theone thing it is missing is a bigger zoom, but you can't have everything.

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