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I'm trying to decide whichi should should purchase. Canon is supposidly better at higher ISO, has an optional vertical battery grip, but the E 500 has a larger LCD screen and is offered as a two lense package at a lower price than the rebel that comces with only one lense. Who has advice for me?
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Well Abieleck I have the Olympus E-500 two lens kit.

I have been very happy with it, As far as the noise at higher ASA,

I find thatat 800 asa with Photoshop CS2 I can remove most of the noise

at 800. And having no dust from the CCD is why I wanted the Olympus E-500.

I mostly shoot at 100-200 asa most of the time anyway. Dont get me wrong

the Canon and Olympus are both great cameras for the money.

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AsI always advise, find a retailer who has both & hold each one. If you can, bring your own memory card & take some test shots in-store to review at home. IMO, the Olympus kit lenses are of better construction than the Canon kit lens, however Canon has a wider selection of lenses, especially in the aftermarket. Either camera would be a winner.

If you routinely shoot at high ISO (1600 or better), the Canon performs better in every test I've read. If spending time cleaning your sensor turns you off, the Oly is better in that respect.Make a list of the features important to you, read the reviews, try out or at least hold each camera, then decide.

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