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Wow. This is great and helpful information. Thanks much -

On one hand I like the in body IS and sturdy body "feel" of the Pentax (I've held a K100D and assume it will be similar) but I can't see being without a decent zoom lens (more choices from Canon?). Decisions, decisions.

Looks like Pentax is going to roll out some weatherproof zoom lenses in March of 2007. But I'm not sure if I want to wait that long to find out what the the prices and quality of the lenses will be like....

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BenjaminXYZ wrote:
Don't forget than the CANON EOS 400D (Digital Rebel XTi) cost less than the K10D (800 USD body only!) and you can have some great SIGMA, TAMRON, and or TOKINA lenses for it. (So that hits off the expensive Canon lens excuse...)

Weather proof, image stabilization, sensitivity priority mode, all reasons to go for the pentax. Those same Sigma, Tamron and Tokina lenses referenced here are just as cheap and readily available for Pentax, so that is a wash. Bottom line is you don't know where the K10D price will SETTLE - but everyone knows prices will, eventually, drop.

I recently picked up a sigma 28-200mm auto lens on ebay for $75 shipped on ebay, new, for my Pentax *istDL, it is great! the bottom line is there are a ton of used and new lenses available for both cameras. the difference is that with the K10D, they're all image stabilized. with Canon, you have to buy their image stabilized lenses, which cost significantly more. sure you can get the same sigma or tamron lenses for similar prices. if you want a canon image stabilized lens, you're gonna pay $4-500 at the very least on ebay (those were the kind of prices that scared me away from a dSLR when i bought my panasonic FZ30 last year - the truth is there are many great affordable lenses available and if you can get IS built into the camera, it is a worthwhile expense). I'm sure someone will come back at that and say it isn't necessary, but then ask yourself - why are people so eager to spend $500 a pop (and up into the $ thousands) to get something that i can get for every lens i buy in the body of the camera if i buy the K10D? something to ponder. I just got my DL, but next year i think i'm gonna add the K10D as a primary body and keep the DL for the wife!
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If your looking at the Pentax K10D, there is also another option – the Samsung GX-10 which is the same camera (when comparing the specs) – just re-badged with the Samsung logo. Pentax and Samsung have a sharing agreement. Also, it is rumored that the Samsung will be out in October as opposed to November for Pentax.Also, the Samsung may be priced a bit below the Pentax.

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Regarding viewfinders. Look at this table.


Last column is most important Viefinder of K10D is going to be the same as *ist DS. Viewfinder of 400D is the same as 350D.
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Have a look at the Sigma 18-200 lens - I assumed with 11:1 zoom there would be some serious compromises. In detailed testing it was better than it's cmpetitors and several users compared it favourably with prime lenses or shorter zooms.

If you buy this lens with the body, it shouldn't cost you much more than with the very basic kit lens.


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Mike R
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Look, as much as everyone here will do their best to help you, it will all be only guessing and estimating, as noone actually ownes one yet!
They're both cameras that are not on the market yet.

Wait until they come out, then there will be more reviews, and most important: you can try them out.

Also, I believe that although these cameras have the same specs, they will be very different...

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Lens reviews:

I particularly like the "user performance surveys" section on the bottom of that photozone link.

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The new Pentax is very interesting from the specs. I wanted to buy a used Canon 20D and save for lenses but the prices you pay for IS lenses are just ridiculous compared to what you pay for third party lenses and a camera with built-in antishake. I'm however confused regarding lenses for Pentax. I checked out above links and either there are no reviews, like for the new Pentax 70-200mm f/2.8 or the third party lenses are not made for Pentax or they miss certain features like this one: http://www.slrgear.com/reviews/showp...uct/217/cat/31

Sounds like a nice lense, but no HSM for Pentax? Why?

And I've read several reviews of the K10D - one says it does ISO 100-3200 the other 100-1600. I need ISO3200 for situations where I'd rather have the shot instead of not having it at all and on Canon the quality with a bit of PS denoising would be very acceptable for me. If all is fine with this camera, especially the noise values, the antishake system working with longer focal lengths like 200mm (whatever they do to make it work technically - maybe the sensor DOES move by 5.5mm?) and if there are real alternatives for the 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS Canon lense, then I will seriously consider buying one. But as long as these ifs and thens remain I'll better save for Canon because I know what I'd get, even if the featurelist is much shorter. But as a sidenote: the Pentax 70-200mm f/2.8 has a list price of $1350. Is Pentax totally nuts, jumping the boat of ridiculous Canon prices? They shurely won't be able to rock their boat like this.
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I had my doubts about a small cheap 18-200 zoom, but this Sigma one sounds good.

"The bottom line?: If you need to just put one lens on your camera and leave it there, yet still want to cover a focal length range from wide angle to a pretty long tele, this lens is a very good, affordable solution, offering better optical performance than its competition over much of its range."

And some user feedback
"The images are crisp and detailed through all the zoom range (simply stop down to f5.6 or f8)."

"After a full year and over 4,000 shots I think it a much better lens than most people give it credit for. Recently I bought a used Canon 17-85 IS lens and a 17-40 F4 L and carefully compared both against the Sigma, and the results were far from expected, the Sigma blows the much more expensive 17-85 away in the wide end, and never really catches up. The very highly rated Canon 17-40 L really wasn't that big of a step up either in the same range that both can cover. "

"At f/8 even the corners are then acceptable)At normal apertures percieved quality superior to EF 24-70mm 2,8L!
Some CA at f/3,5 is sometimes at hand but not anything like Sony F 828.

"On the D70, its results look even better when compared with other lenses of similar focal lengths. "

"mine has survived a horrifying drop about 3 feet onto a linoleum floor while mounted on the D70. It landed partly on the lens, which does not seem to have been affected at all (and neither was the D70)."

This is what I'll be getting when I buy the K10D

Mike R Sydney Australia

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The 18-200mm is good for what it is, as long as you are aware that you are making some sacrifices there for the convenience of an 11X zoom: you pay a bit more for a bit less in image quality.

On the SLRgear site, the first user review notes problems with autofocus, and says the lens produces "useable results...as it is stopped down at least one stop from maximum, preferably two." The next notes "sometimes blurred images", and also notes softness wide open , but sharp at f/8. The third again notes it is good at around f/8-f/11, but overall his Nikon 18-70 (sold as the kit lens with the D70) has better image quality. The next is the one you quoted comparing the 2 Canon lenses, who had no complaints. After that, a reviewer notes it is "a little soft" and "the quality is what you'd expect for the money."

Over at the photozone site, based on 27 user reviews, it is rated very poorly, noting poor performance, crtitical distortions and vignetting, heavy flare and very slow auto focus. I think the difference in ratings is partly accounted for by the the fact that photozone raters are instructed not to account for things like value for dollar, but rather are given strictly objective ctriteria which they are supposed to use. So it should be expected that an inexpensive 11x zoom will score poorly when compared against more expensive lenses, and prime lenses, as well as cheaper zooms with only a 2x to 5x zoom range. Even the best entry level "kit' lenses, for example, tend to not score a rating higher than "average" in that survey.

That said, it's probably a good buy as long as that fits your expectations. You'd be hard pressed to find that much range in a better lens near that price.

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