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I'm looking into to buying a DSLR camera and could use some input on my options. I was seriously considering the Nikon D50 since I have some Nikon lenses, but then a guy at a local camera store told me I should consider the Evolt500. I looked into it and am now confused. Could someone give me some advice on these cameras...or others in this price range? Other than the dust-reduction filter, I'm not real sure of the differences. I heard the sensor on the Evolt in smaller. Is that true? Seems like there are some good options and the more I look the more confused I am getting.
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Yes, I do believe the Evolt's 500 sensor is smaller. Which might matter if you're doing a lot of indoor low light photography. (Nosier at higer ISO)

Anyway, I say, if you gots Nikon lenses, get Nikon. You'll save yourself some cash. Also, the Nikon D50 has a bigger sensor. So, since you have Nikon lenses, and if you're doing a good bit of indoor noflash low light photography, then the D50 is probably for you. Unless you're really, really worried about sensor dust.
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Thanks for your reply. Yeah, that's the way I've been leaning, kind of. Should I be worried about the sensor dust? Things I've read makes it sound like I'd need to send in your camera to get it cleaned w/o this. I mean, how much of an issue is sensor dust?
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Hello, I am NO expert on cameras AT ALL, but have been reading others comments and questions trying to learn more myself.

I just bought a Canon EOS Digital 10.1 mega-pixel Rebel XTi DSLR camera and one of the features it has is a Self Cleaning Sensor Unit. This was not a concern for me as I do not know how the dust effects the picture taking, but I just figured it was an added plus to have it. :O)
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i would personally go for the nikon d50 .. as it has more lenses and accessories from many 3rd party brands as well .. which are cheap ...

Olympus uses the Zuiko lenses that are really pricy ...

My aunt has a olympus P&s and i am really disgusted with its performance .. i have seen many other P&s cams from olympus that perform bad ... the major problem is battery life and the image compression is not too good .. they take lots of space on they memory card .. therefore resulting in less images.

i dont know abot the Evolt series .. maybe they did improve
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I was in the same position 2 weeks ag as you are now.

D50 against the E 500.

In terms of ergonomics and ease of use ... the E 500 scores
more points than Nikon D50 (If you are willing to spend a little
more get the Nikon D70s ... prices are really low now that D80
is around and ergonimics and handling and build quality are excellent
on D70s ... better than E 500)

The most common DSLR functions like changing AF point, Metering,
ISO and WB have dedicated buttons on E 500 where as on D50 you
have to go thru the menu system. On E 500 you can do one touch
White Balance or DOF preview or another custom function with a
programmable button. You can customize the main command dial.
You can change the orientation of Manual Focus ring on the Zuiko
lenses ... No confusing switches on the lense. If you want AF + manual
you have it there in Camera and that setting is available from a
dedicated button ...

Price wise ... both are Same.

Now it comes to sensor size. Thats the most interesting point and
that made me decide which one I bought.

Consider Nikon D50 ... the sensor is still smaller than the 35mm
sized sensor. SO ... you either live with the Focal Length Multiplier
OR get the DX mount lenses which have been made to match the
smaller sensor on the Nikon DSLRs. So ... if you buy into DX mount
you can't use them on full sized sensor if Nikon produce one in
the future.

OTOH ... Evolt system was built from scratch and any Zuiko Digital
lense avialable was designed to match the sensor size ... which is
indeed even smaller than Nikon D50's ... About 3rd party lenses ...
Sigma has joined in. And Panasonic/Leica have a brilliant fast lense
with built in Optical Stabilisation for the 4/3rds mount ... eversince
they have come out with a 4/3rd DSLR. And any 4/3rd lense will
mount on any 4/3rd body (hmmm ... thats what they say but business,
marketing and competetion might have something else in mind)

Image quality wise ... yes ... if you want to do a lot of low light motion
freezes ... Nikon it is. But as long as you stay under ISO 800 ... Evolt
systems are no less at producing great IQ. If you like Pixel Peeping and
measurebating ... go with the Nikon. But even so ... check out the review
at Dpreview.com ... you'll like E 500 more than D 50 ... I think.

Now coming to the more practical point ... you already have Nikon
lenses ... even if they are not DX mount they are still useable ...
However ... the quality of pricey and not so pricey Zuiko Digital lenses
is far far better than the Nikkor kit lenses. Zuiko lenses ARE better than
equivalent Nikkor lenses. If you spend the same amount of money
in lenses ... you get better glass from Zuiko ... check out photozone.de .

I tried both the cameras myself ... both are great for the price you
are willing to pay.

Eversince I didn't have a collection of lenses to start with ... I decided
in favor of E 500. The camera has far far more tweakable parameters
which you can play around with to make even out of camera JEPGs as
good as the other DSLRs. It took me just two trips into the menu to
fine tune the JPEG parameters. Think about lense shading compensation
... I dunno which model from Nikon has it.

Another thing which is mostly heard about E 500 on most reviews.
It is difficult to use the LCD to change the settings as there is a lag
between user input and LCD display update ... MYTH ... there is no
such thing. I shot in Aperature Priorty mode quite a lot and there is
no such thing. And the same for all the settings u want to change.

The other thing which should matter is Buffer size. You can't go as fast
as Nikon on E 500 ... the buffer is just too shallow. There is a work around
however ... use SHQ Jpegs at 1/8 compression and you can shoot at 2.5 fps
till you fill up the card. But ... NO ... you can't go AS FAST AS NIKON on E 500
for RAW.

Another thing ... on the E 500 ... you have to struggle with the
view finder in dim light. I am thinking of buying the ME-1 magnifier.
Nikon is still better in that area ... but ... its not that big a difference.
It makes a difference when you are shooting in places like cathedrals
where it gets a little difficult to compose.

To sum it up, you should consider the following ...
- You have Nikkor lenses already
- Whether you want to do high speed low light motion freezes.
- Whetner you want to able to shoot RAW at high burst speeds.

If I were you and didn't have the Nikkor lense collection ... I would
have bought E 500.

And take a good look at it ... I think its the prettiest looking DSLR ...
look at it from any angle it just beautifull. I have it. I love it. I am happy
about it


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