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maisatomai Oct 20, 2006 6:56 AM

PowerShot A530

SGD329 promo

PowerShot A540

SGD429 promo

Powershot A630

SGD569 promo

Powershot A640

SGD669 promo

In my country the price is like this.. But I really don't know whether A530 4X6 printout will be the same as A540 or A630. From what I understand, having a 3MP should be sufficient to print 4X6 photo. Just wondering whether having a higher end camera like A630 or A640 will help. Expert, which will you buy? Thanks in advance

KALEL33 Oct 23, 2006 1:07 AM

The answer to the question will be best done by you. All those cameras are nice. The A5xx series are the compact model and the A6xx series are the versatile models. The difference between the A540 and A530 is larger LCD, 1MP higher (not really needed), has a few more scene settings and lacks a couple of manual settings, and can accept an adapter for lens and filters. Is it worth the money for the extras?'s up to you. Same thing goes for the A6xx series. Go to the store and try the cameras and then decide. Then decide if the higher model is worth the extra money. The MP won't matter for you.

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