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I have an Olympus Camedia C-750 Utra Zoom. It is a 4mp camera, about 3 years old. I have been very happy with the overall quality of the pictures I take with it. I print up to about 8x10, sometimes 8x12 and I am happy in general with the pictures. I am considering a new camera because I want something smaller (the olumpus is mid sized) and faster. I don't know exactly what the lag is on my camera, but there are times I feel it is very slow. I am looking at nothing less than 7mp because I fugure, why bother if I am not going to improve my resolution while I am at it. Will I notice a difference with a 7mp camera? Enough of one to make it worthwhile?

What would you recommend as a replacement. I originally got the ultra zoom because I really wanted the zoom ability. In reality I don't think I use it nearly as well as I could. Farther zooom is hard to control. Anyway I am willing to give that up to meet my other needs. By the way, I am also somewhat budget minded about this. I don't have incredibly deep pockets, so any reasonably priced suggestions woulb be great ($150-250).


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Noticable at 8x10 I would say, though hardly a massive difference , anything smaller , probably not, least not without a high powered magnifying glass and 10 years experience in the print industry.

Have a look at the resolution chart over at


Plus you can use the Matt Spinelli PPI calculator to see the kind of ppi differences you will be getting.
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Mine is Olym C765 which issimilar to yours except the C765 has 640x480 movie and 750 has 320x240.

If you don't mind spending a little more, A710 IS isn't a bad choice(but only 6x). This is also the one i'mconsidering to upgrade. but as you know, C765 's resolution has to be reduced to 1600x1200 to obtain its ultra zoom(same as C750?). and i guess 710 is a true 6X camera.

Just compare Steve's sample pics(kids playground) of your 750 and A710 IS. I compared C765 and 710 and found a little IQ difference.



a little grainy in actual size huh?

710 IS


Great IQ. the vivid one is even better.

I'd say it's worth it. THanks Steve for this great site btw.
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Yeah, I wouldn't worry about the MP in cameras. They're at least 5MP now and that's enough for 99% of people. I still use a 4MP and it takes better pics than most of the new cameras now. Yes, the speed will increase sharply compared to yours, but just remember that the lens and sensors are what makes a camera a good camera. There are awefull 8MP cameras out there as there are terrific 5MP cameras.
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