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BenjaminXYZ wrote:
Also (I have to admit; as much as I like the Pentax K100), the Nikon D50 features better high ISO performance. If you will be shooting actions often, then the high ISO performance of the Nikon D50will be very important.
Same sensor - essentially the same low light performance. You can find reviews that lean either way.

Based on reviews, the Pentax K100D (Sadly) is just below average in terms of overall speed &responsiveness for a consumer level dSLR camera.

I know that the Nikon D70s is a very fast dSLR (Based on review comments), so I am guessing that the Nikon D50 shouldn't be quite surprising.
I know my K100D was fast enough to capture the Thunderbirds on an overcast day at the Wings Over Houston Airshow. "Fast" is a very relative term. It's fast enough for 95% of the population, with the other 5% being the top pro sports photographers.

Another important thing to take note of is battery performance. According to thereviews, the Pentax K100D only performs satisfactorily with the CR-V3 cells; other than that, it's battery performance leaves something to be desired.
Iknow that I regularly get 600+ shots from my generic 2600mAh NiMH AA cells in my K100D. Plus, if I happen to be stranded, extra batteries are sold at the corner drug store. I'd bet they don't carry proprietary LiON cells there. And speaking of lithium cells, I had over 700+ shots on the 4 lithium AA cells in my *istDL and it still showed full when I sold the camera along with the cells. Lithium CRV3 (non-rechargeables) last well over 1000 shots.
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Pentax and Nikon have different approach to shake reduction.

Pentax uses in-body shake reduction (SR). It works with *every* lense attached to K100D. You pay $100 extra (K100D and K110D price difference) for it once and that's it. All your lenses are with SR. SR of K100D really works, people get 2 f-stops and more with it.

Nikon uses in-lense vibration reduction (VR). You have to buy Nikon VR lenses to get VR. Nikon kit lense isn't VR lense. VR lenses are quite expensive, usually VR version of lense is $300-$400 more expensive than non-VR version. You must pay for VR multiple times. Also Nikon doesn't make VR version of many lenses at all (for example 50mm primes). In-lense stabilisation is a bit more effective though.

So, you decide: $100 extra and SR with every lense, or $300 extra for every VR lense. For $600 you'll get D50 with no shake reduction at all.

In my opinion salesmen was trying to push Nikon because he would manke better profit with it. K100D and D50 are very evenly matched, you can't say that one camera is much better than other.

K100D has shake reduction, better viewfinder, mirror lock-up, DOF preview
D50 has faster autofocus, bigger buffer and better continuous shooting.

I would go for D50 just in case if my primary purpose would be sports/action photography.
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My contribution may be lost here, but while I don't use either camera (I use a KM 7D with CCD anti-shake)...I will say this. I've shot almost 2 full 2GB CF cards using just one of their rechargeable lithium batteries. I also check my histograms for several shots in new surroundings & leave the post view, anti-shake & use AF lenses all the time. (I've also spent less than $500.00 on lenses that would have cost me $8000.00 for the IS versions of the competitions models).

ALL the lenses I buy are IS, so I could care less who makes them (as long as they are good). I shoot mainly portraits, so as far as the D50 vs the K100D goes, I'd jump on the essential features you need in your camera, rather than salesmanship.

By that, I mean I care more about manual controls, PC-sync sockets & viewfinder/AF quality, rather than the mega pixels (I can print flawless 13x19 photo-prints with my camera...and have many times).
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BenjaminXYZ wrote:
I also saw this exact same threadonthedpreview forums! :idea:
You caught me :-) These are my two favorite photography sites and I thought I would take advantage of all the wisdom I could get.

Based mainly on the responses I received here, I went ahead and ordered the K100D yesterday since I don't anticipate doing a great deal of sports photography and can live with the smaller buffer and longer AF time to get the much better price and SR offered by the K100D. Thanks to all for helping me find my way into the DSLR club and I'm looking forward to being able participate in actual photography threads soon! Thanks again for all your responses.
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BenjaminXYZ wrote:
I don't really know how good is the Nikon D50's battery performance, but I do know that the battery performance of the Nikon D70s is very good. (Once again according to the review test(s)) So this should give you what to expect of the Nikon D50. (The Nikon D70s can capture around2000 shotson a single charge of it's proprietary lithium-ion battery) The Pentax K100D was stated to be around 500 shots with good AA batteries.
I've taken 498 photos with my D50 since I got it on September the 13th, and haven't needed to recharge the battery yet (other than the first time when it was brand new of course ). Indeed, it's still showing as full.
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