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poppop Dec 7, 2006 11:02 PM


I am still shopping and reading this forum, and the ones for Fuji and Kodak on this site. Narrowed down my choices to Fuji S9100 or S6000fd, with the Kodak p880 a close second. I want a wide angle, and the longer zoom gave a nudge to Fuji. But, I have some questions about the 2 Fuji's -

- EVF. The S6000fd EVF was grainy, and only 115k pixels - I actually held one. I haven't been able to put my hands on S9100, but see its 235k pixels. Anyone have this cam - and is the EVF easy on the eye? With my eyesight, I'll be using the EVF more than the LCD.

- Hot shoe - none on S6000fd. If I go with this one, will I miss the hotshoe that much? My experience is with film SLR set up.

- LCD. While I might not use this as much, the 9100 is 2" and tilts. The S6000fd is 2.5" and no tilt. What do you like more - the larger LCD or the tilting LCD? Do you really use the tilt feature that much?

- Sensorsize/MP count.One is 6mp with 1/1.7" sensor and the other 9mp with 1/1.6" sensor. I read that the larger sensor and fewer mp actually might get better images. Really?

- ISO. Starts at ISO80 on the S9100 and ISO100 on the other one. With film, I'm usually using 100 or 200; sometimes sh.spd of 1/30 maybe 1/15. But usually in the 1/125-500 range. Will I really miss the extra level of ISO if I go with the S6000fd?

- xD only on the S6000fd and xd or Compact Flash on the S9100. Is the option for Compact Flash a big deal?

Whew! I think that rounds out my questions about these cameras. Any thoughts or advice, appreciated. Thank you!

robbo Dec 8, 2006 1:38 AM

I have the S9100. I got it after debating whether or not to buy it or the S6000fd.

Either camera is good, I think. I got the S9100 because of the hot shoe and the 9 megapixels. I take pictures of big groups of people and then blow the pictures up into 12" X 18" prints. It helps if I can use an external flash to illuminate the groups, sometimes more than 100 people.

I have heard that the S6000 has slightly better performance at high ISO's.

The tilting LCD is nice but I could live without it.

I don't think you can go wrong with either camera. As for the Compact Flash. Well, you can buy CF cards slightly cheaper than the xD cards, whose 2 GBversion just came out. But I would not base my decision on that factor alone.

I doubt that you will see much difference between the daylight pictures of either camera taken at ISO's 80 and 100.

Frankly, if I were kind of a digital newbie (I don't know that you are), I would go for the cheaper camera, learn all that I could with it, and then use the money saved towards buying the successor camera to these.

The P880 is supposed to be a good portrait and landscape camera. I think you can get it at Costco online for $269 plus shipping (13 bucks or so). It's a good deal. The drawbacks to this camera compared with the Fujis are: slower performance, less zoom (though better wide angle) and worse performance at high ISO's.

kassandro Dec 8, 2006 4:37 AM

Clearly the pixel quality of the 6500fd will be better than that of the 9600, simply because of the size of the pixel. But how is the situation, if the 9600 pics are downsized to 6 MP? Does the high iso advantage of the 6500fd previal under these circumstances?

mtclimber Dec 8, 2006 9:00 AM


It is a hard decision to make. I own both the S-9000 and the S-6000, at least those are the model numbers for those cameras used in the USA, There is no doubt that the EVF in the S-9000 is better visually. I am like Robbo, the LCD function really does not matter much. Likewise, the hot shoe is not a huge deal, because the Fuji hotshoe does not have the extra contacts foundon the Kodak P880's hotshoe, which make it fully TTL functional.

Perhaps it is just me, but I have the feeling that the lens is sharper on the S-6000 than on the S-9000. The S-6000 seems to has better low light capabilities than the S-9000, however, I am guessing. But then because I have only had theS-6000 for about 5 days, I have never shot the two cameras, side by side on the very same shot. I will make an effort to do so today, so we can have some comparison photos.

The Kodak P-880 is a nice little camera. I had one, but it has been on long term loan to my son, who really likes the P-880 a lot. In fact I picked him up the Kodak P-20 dedicated flash forhisP-880 for Christmas.

It is still dark here now, and we had a terriffic storm last night, butI will charge some batteries and make an effort to take some side by side photos today, so we can have some comparison photos.


mtclimber Dec 8, 2006 12:31 PM

Well, you know me, I love tests and challenges. So I set up a two tests between the Fuji S-6000 and the Fuji S-9000. Here is test A: This is a flash photo at 100mm, white balance on auto, handheld.

Here is Test A with the S-6000

Here is Test A with the S-9000

Test B was also done with flash, handheld, white balance on auto, at 75mm

Here is Test Bwith the S-6000

Here is Test B with the S-9000

Observations: The EVF on the S-9000 really is better to frame your photos with and is much easier on the eye. I tried both CF amd XD chips on the S-9000, and the CF chip or card was much easier to use, as well as being cheaper.

I hope this helps, Poppop.


mtclimber Dec 8, 2006 12:34 PM

BTW, I did not really have the environment to do a low light level comparison beteen the Fuji S-6000 and the S-9000, but I will be on the look out for a good site.


flippedgazelle Dec 8, 2006 2:25 PM

Thanks for posting the photos. I'm looking at them on a pretty bad LCD monitor, but it looks to me as though the S6000 is over-boosting the reds, at least compared with the S9000.

Sarah, could you please tell us which pic is a more accurate representation of "reality"?



mtclimber Dec 8, 2006 2:47 PM

1 Attachment(s)

I just checked and the S-6000 and it was in the chrome mode. Here is a photo in the regular mode. Thanks for catching that. I was just in too much of a hurry to get them up on the forum.


poppop Dec 8, 2006 11:04 PM

Thank you for the pictures,Sarah - that comparison helps. The info about the hotshoe - good to know. Robbo suggested buying the cheaper camera, and learning. Good idea. The Kodak is the cheapest of the 3, and I did like everything about it, except the zoom stopped short of what I use on my 35mmSLR. So I thought I would miss that. I like hearing that the tilting LCD isn't something to get too hung up about. I appreciate your comments and advice!!

mtclimber Dec 9, 2006 5:44 AM


I have owned and sold the P-880 camera. It is a good camera at $US 269.00 with $US 13.00 shipping and handling at, but it is limited to just 5X of optical zoom. The price difference between the Fuji S-6000 and the S-9000 is just about $US 30.00 now, so you will have to decide if the higher mp, but reduced ISO capacity,is worth the $US 30.00. The spread becomes a bit more like $US 80.00, when you factor in the $US 50.00 rebate that is currently being offered on the S-6000 by Fuji.

Keep in mind that this is a physically large camera. In fact the S-6000 and the S-9000 are about the same size! Neither the S-6000 nor the S-9000 cameras are stabilized, however, I have had no problems keeping either camera rock steady. The EVF is twice as good on the S-9000, than the S-6000, due to the 2Xhigher pixel count in the EVF of the S-9000. Its your choice girl. We look forward to seeingsome samplephotos from your new camera. Have fun shopping.


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