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I am looking at buying my first DSLR and am thinking about getting a Canon XTi. I have a couple of questions though.

1. How easy is it to get dust on the image sensor and if it happens can it be cleaned and how?

2. Can you recomend a couple of lenses for me. I like to got to car shows and take pics of cars and I also like to got into the woods and take pics of wildlife. I also like to take action shots at motocross races from time to time and drag races.

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Dust, not a major problem if you take care when switching lenses I just use an foot air pump to blow the dust off the sensor however the XTI does have a dust removal system which should help!

As for lenses, do you have your checkbook ready?

It's the age old problem that no one lens is going to do everything (and possibly not even 2 lenses). You need to think about how good the quality needs to be, what you are going to use the shots for, how large you want to print them etc then you will be able to consider better the options.

For the car shows then a standard zoom is what you need, the kit one is not great so if you want something better,I would look at something like the Sigma 17-70mm DC (I use this one), the Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 orTamron 18-50mm f2.8. You could also consider thelongerzoom options of the Sigma 18-125mmDC, Sigma 18-200 DC orTamron 18-200mm Di.

As for the longer end for wildlifethen you could look at the Tamron 200-500mm, Sigma 50-500mm (the general consensus is the Tamron is the better lens), Sigma 100-300mm f4 (very sharp and works well with a 1.4x Tele Converter). There are cheaper options like the Sigma, Tamron and Canon 70-300mm lenses but these will not give the same quality/range as the above for nature.

Lastly for motocross then you would probably find the Sigma 100-300mm f4really effective and likewise for drag racing.

What sort of budget are you working with, as I have probably blown it 2 or 3 times over with the suggestions so we can advise around what you have to spend and what you really want to get out of it when more is known.


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As Mark implied: good glass ain't cheap. Get a good grip on your pocketbook when you go looking for prices on highly recomended lenses. But that does not mean the cheap glass is completely useless - you might only be able to use it in bright daylight: just about any lens will give reasonable results if it is stopped down enough.

For most SLRs, the exception to good glass being expensive is a 50mm about f/2 or slightly larger. Ask about that in the form for the camera you are thinking of getting, and get that lens. It will work like about a 75mm, will alow you to get some low light photos, and give you a standard to compare other lenses. My guess is something like US$100.

I know nothing about the kit lens that comes with that Canon, but the kit lenses are almost always excelent value unless you are going to spend a chunk of money on a high quality lens of about the same focal length range. Typically not the best glass nor the fastest, but very good value.

I think those two lenses would be a good starting point. With an SLR there is never an end to lens lust. Only you know how much your bank account will allow you to satisfy that lust.
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Dust is an over rated problem. Delkin and Copperhill both have excellent cleaning kits and they are easy to use. You also might consider the Canon XT in place of the XTi. It would save you some money that could be spent for the lenses that you need.

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