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Sorry I offended you - truly. It isn't my intent at all. But I honestly believe it's important to see the trade-offs. With digicams life is simpler - buy one brand for a $200 and don't like it - well you can just buy another brand next time.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I also think it's misleading to let people believe that any DSLR and kit lens combo is a miracle solution - there are limitations. And $600 is a big investment for anyone to make. I'm sorry if it offends you that I point out limitations to your option but they exist just like they do to any DSLR option. Buying ANY dslr without at least considering the next steps is a bit short sited.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"It's great that you're happy with your camera. That's what's important - for YOU. But I think if someone is going to invest $600 they should know what they're getting themselves into.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"A lot of posts here are like camera magazine reviews - everything is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Nothing has a drawback according to recommendations - but guess what, everything has strengths and weaknesses. My camera does, so does yours. And I never hesitate to point out where I think problems exist with the gear I've used. I don't have a need for everyone to buy the same thing I have.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"It's OK to disagree with me - a number of people do. And feel free to point out whenever you feel I've given bad advice. I think we can disagree and still be civil about it. As long as there is good facts given on both sides any reader can gain valuable information from such disagreement. We have different approaches and needs to our photography and that's OK. Its good for people to see different view points. So, I hope you'll continue to post. But, I'll be honest with you - every time the question of DSLR vs. Digicam comes up I'll likely put in my two cents regarding quality available in DSLRs being greater but at a greater price. And I'll continue to share my honest opinion about strengths and weaknesses of the various camera systems. People can choose to ignore my information and I'm OK with that. But I feel bad when someone spends a lot of their hard-earned money on some camera without considering other options or the pros/cons of that decision.
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I would hope anyone considering the purchase of a DSLR would research the brand choices in the price range. This site is an excellent source of reviews, complete with Pro/Cons.

We disagree as to the depth of nitpicking. I just think of how the topic started. How it ended. I don't think every mention of DSLR should follow the same path. In my opinion its absurd. If it should, maybe we should just cut and paste the comments listed here and save a bunch of time.

To prospective buyers, research using the reviews here and elsewhere. Choose the cam that fits your hands and fits your style. Buy it and enjoy your choice.

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Love the picture of the alpacas (or are they llamas? I don't know enough about them to be able to tell the difference). They look like they are having fun!

Just to put this back to whether a p&s would be a good idea or not - it does depend on what/where you want to compromise. All photography is a compromise, and what I'm willing to give up might not be what you are willing to give up.

As an example - I was a very happy user of a Sony F717, another fine p&s much like the Coolpix 990. It started to develop problems so I started looking around for a replacement and ended up coming here to ask for some advice. I read so many reviews that my head was swimming, and I naively thought that any of the top of the line p&s cameras would give me the same image quality as I had with the Sony, along with more zoom. My very first post here was asking for which non-dSLR had a mechanical zoom (theSony has a zoom ring and I wasn't willing to give it up). I thought there was no way I wanted to start dragging around extra lenses, always having the wrong one on the camera and so on (been there, done that with a film SLR).

I ended up getting a Panasonic FZ30, and it turned out to be the wrong camera for me - I thought the image quality wasn't as good as the Sony, and when I started looking closer at the sample pictures, decided that all of the cameras in its class weren't much better. It did start up a whole lot faster than the Sony did, loved that part of it.

My choice came down to whether I was willing to compromise on image quality or weight/ease of use. In the end, image quality was more importantto me than I had originally thought,and I bought a dSLR (and it cost a whole lot less than $1500 and I have yet to spend over $600 on a lens, though thatcould change this spring). And now I have a sling pack with camera and several lenses that I happily carry everywhere - re-discovered my love of just taking pictures and having fun with it. The extra weight and complication of changing lenses all the time turned out to not be the problem I had remembered from my film days.

I sold the Panasonic FZ30, and the person who bought it loved it - they thought the image quality wasfine and loved that 12X zoom. So there's no right answer to the question of p&s vs. dSLR - it is all subjective to the individual. Do you want to give up a whole bunch more money and drag around a camera bag or not? Will the image quality of the ultrazoom satisfy you? Only you can answer that question.
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