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jadit2 Oct 30, 2004 10:58 AM

All I know right know is that the A80 has a better/bigger CCD while the a75/a85 have more Shooting Modes and bigger LCD. In addition, other people have told me that the A75 takes better quality pictures than the A85. Which should I choose? Are there other things I should be aware of? Are the extra Shooting Modes important? Is there another camera all-together you would recomend insted? Image quality is very important to me most of all.

If A85/A80/A75 where all priced the same, which would you choose?

Is the A85 better than the A75 in every catagory?

Dispite it having less Shooting Modes, Is the A80 still better than A85/A75 since it has a larger CCD?

HOW really importent is it to have the extra Shooting modes the A85/A75 offer?

PS. Iv read all the reviews on these products, but they dont compair with eachother.

jkusmier Nov 27, 2004 12:43 AM

Probably gotten an answer right now, but:

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"The A80 has a type 1/1.8 CCD, which is considerably larger than the 1/2.7 used in the A75 and A85. CCD technology is getting better but I would prefer the CCD in the A80, which promises lower noise and better dynamic range - meaning better picture quality. Also has the rotating LCD. Yes, the newer models offer better video and (larger, or higher-res) LCD's, but it's all about image quality. You can stillfind new A80's on eBay for ~$250. Arguably the best digicam available at that price.

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