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I realize that a long time has passed, but... not much has changed and I just made my choice of the Oly c8080 for 499 at Walmart. Hope it comes 100% and in one piece... Anyway, the Rebel would be great for the NO SHUTTER DELAY, but it would still end up more the 2x as much with as good a lens as the c8080 so I think that is apples and oranges in terms of price after all. Mark II Canon is the camera that I would get if I had the money... I can dream... :-)
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:?I sure do not want to add to your decision angst, but I own the Oly C-7070 which is the "younger brother" of the 8080. It is a great camera and buydig.com and beachcamera.com (both reputable dealers) have it for $350.00 w/ free shipping and 6ave.com (also fine) has it for $349.00 +$.06 shipping!I purchased it because I wanted a wide angle lens camera w/ manual controls and great image quality.:|

You mentioned that you are also looking at the Panasonic FZ20, but as another member noted, that camera is in a different category. Whereas the 8080 is Wide Angle, the FZ20 is 12x Ultrazoom. So you have two different cameras here and comparing them is like comparing a delicious apple and a luscious orange. Both are excellent, but have different capabilities. I am now looking at either the Canon S2, Panasonic FZ5 or Sony H1 precisely because the Oly 7070 gives me great wide angle, but not ultrazoom. Bottom line: unless you want both of these lens features, in which case you will have to buy two cameras, you need to choose which type of lens is more important to you: wide angle (Oly C-7070 or 8080) or ultrazoom (FZ5 or FZ20 - or Canon S2SI). Please let us know what you decide and all the best with your purchase.
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Justinian is making an excellent point. I use my C8080 most of the time because the wide angle is perfect for so much of my shooting. But I still also carry my old Olympus Ultrazoom on those times when I may need a strong telephoto. (Conversely, I bought the C8080 because I needed a wide angle so often.)

So Justinian's point about which type of lens (WA or tele) is most important to you is right on.

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Having done immense research on exactly the same cameras I've been using an FZ20 since Christmas or thereabouts. I have been away from this forum since then. I came back to do a little research into a Rebel 350 XT DSLR. There is no perfect camera, just ones that will meet your needs better. Those needs will change. The camera you buy won't, to a degree. I have never seen any one individual, besides others who are following this, given such valuable, excellent information in a single thred. The FZ20 will accept other high quality macro, wide angle, and telephoto lenses with a single adapter; and do it quite inexpensively. Its macro and telephoto capability are already legend without any help from lenses. Its Leica lens is way beyond adequate. BUT, there is a dead spot in its macro capacity dealing with distance and zoom. Any of the before mentioned cameras (all of them) can be used as a point and shoot. I could go on for pages about what I don't like about the current and past FZs, as I could any of the other cameras, had I bought them. Of that I'm certain. In fact, I think you'll find many of those concerns in a thread by various of us FZ owners at the Panasonic forum. Panasonic is a prolific forum. Look at the other specific forums and what they post. That really tells the story. While FZ owners are vocal, their photography excells. A good reason for it is they have an excellent tool. But its a tool that can slingshot you into the next stage rather quickly. Be very prepared to get a DSLR in the near future and start saving for all that goes with it. Might look into sensor cleaning along the way. Very best of luck to you. You're already avery fortunate person.:-):-):-)
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This is a very small file 48.8 kb for easy viewing. It is a close up of a Rose of Sharon by the FZ20

Attached Images
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