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Hi All!
So after several months of market monitoring, I really want to get my first digital camera...
Has to be compact, have optical viewfinder, optical zoom, decent movie mode, decent battery life, fast(est) shutter lag... and have about 4/5 million pixels
I am a novice to the digital world and to photography in general (have always used compact point-and-shoot film cameras).. so my eye will not catch all the imperfections you lot will spot..
Reviews I read for months on this and other sites have helped me getting an idea of what's on the market..
I've been considering Sony models for some months, but now that the Canon SD300 (Ixus 40 here in Europe) has come out, I kind of feel that this is the model I should get..
Now how would you compare it to the Sony models?
Is buying the Canon the right choice?
Or you (strongly) think I should go with the Sony models or others...
Too bad it has a proprietary battery, but I will get two extra batteries, just in case..
(Sony W-1/12 is quite bigger...)
Also it has one megapixel less than the the Sonys, is it that bad? Will I be able to print decent 20x30cm pictures (photo lab)?
I read in a review on another site that apparently there is an evident softeness in the corners... is it that bad?
SD300 owners, what can you say abot this?
Movie mode, ok, better than any other Canon, but when will manufacturers start including MPEG4 formats?? I kind of feel sony *might* start doing this next year...
Also does the Sony MPEG MOVIE VX format offer more compression than the AVI M-JPEG present in the Canon SD300?
Another point in favour of the Canon would be that SD media is cheaper than Memory Stick media.. as I'm planning to get a 512MB card..
Are there other models you would choose instead of the Canon?
Pentax's and Casio's new models also seem to be nice but for some reason I'm not too convinced about those...

Thank you in advance!!


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I'm going to take the Casio EX-Z55 this coming days.

I was hesitating between Casio, Canon SD300, Panasonic Lumix 7, and Sony DSC W1. First I was not sure to buy a brand like Casio... it's not really a digicam manufacturer but on this model, Pentax objective is used and we can say that casio know how to deal with electronic parts !

It's so small, with a nice screen. So if you don't need a direct output TV, it's not so bad
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i have the SD300 and i would not trade it for any other $400 camera in the world!!

canon (being an optics company) has some of the best lenses in the businessand the UA lens in this camera is a great prouduct the blurriness is caused by using any wide angle lens any lens (except for professional $$$$ lenses will have some distortion / blurriness) so it isnt something wrong with canon

the DiGiC II chip in the camera has the best color reconition and one of hte quickest focus times.

i love the rechargable battery becase it charges in only 90 mins and it has lasted over a day of heavy use (so whenever you get back to your home / hotel at night you can charge it and be ready for the next day) to charge the battery you take it out of the camera and place it into thewall charger that is supplied with it . the sonys with lithium batts (p100, t1, p150) on the other hand have to charge in the camera (making your camera unusable while charging unless you purchase a $70 charger)

the sonys ziess lens is also a goodlens but i feel that the UA is superior.

i think you would be happier with the canon but the sonys are good too. i spent weeks looking between canon nikon and sony and since i work at an electronics store i was around them alot. i would not spend the money on anything other than canon nikon or sony unless it is for my mom who wouldnt know the difference.

hope i helped
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thank you very much,
I went with the Canon, because I really "felt" that it was the right choice and I had to order it on saturday..
Now, reading your reply.. it is really reassuring me!
Can't wait to get my hands on that pretty little jewel..
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